Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday Roundup

Course profile of the Cohutta 100

Early Results from MTBRaceNews, from a tip by 5-iron:
Preliminary Results


  1. Jeff Schalk (Trek/VW) 6.48
  2. Daniel Balientourd (Toshiba Road Team)
  3. Evan Plews (Scott)
  4. Christian Tanguy (American Cycle)
  5. Chris Eatough (Trek/VW)
  6. Harlan Price (Independent Fabrications)
  7. Gerald Pflug (Speedgoat)
  8. Sean Adams ( Lake Effects)
  9. Michael Simonson
  10. Josh Tostado (Giant)
Floyd Landis finished outside the top-twenty, MTBracenews reporter Greg Gibson (Union College) finished 14th

We await details, assuming some spectacular mechanical, crash, or explosion.


Floyd Landis is taking part in the Cohutta 100 which started this morning at 7:00AM EDT near the Georgia/Tennessee border. Thus far there is no news available on what is happening, but if any comes our way we'll be sure to pass it along.

Colorado Springs Gazette sings the praises and hosannas of a Greg LeMond appearance for the Air Force Academy Cycling Team.

Rant ponders the Di Luca case in which the cyclist was cleared of suspicions he doped by CONI, but who really knows what the "truth" is in this matter?

also notes yesterday's deadline for final submissions in the Landis CAS appeal, and he wishes Floyd good luck in the Cohutta 100! Go get 'em indeed.


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Nothing on Cohutta yet?


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how many UCI points are up for grab? looks like Garth (aka Gert Jan) might be the guy to beat.

5-iron said...

I found this unofficial results link