Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday Roundup

Prescott, AZ hosted the Whiskey Offroad MTB event today The 50 mile race was won by Jay Henry in 3:21, 10 minutes back in 2nd is Jimi Mortenson, followed 25 seconds later by some dude named Landis from Murrie, California.

Addicted To Bicycles has a summary and some pictures, with Landis only in studio action.

Bike Musings has a picture of the unexpected visitor:

As far as we know, Landis is not a member of the Landis Tri club.

The CyclingNews reports on more politics in cycling including: the withdrawal from AIGCP by Liquigas ostensibly premtively due to the signing of Ivan Basso, the call for "democracy" in cycling by Eric Boyer of the CPA, and the tale of two disgraced riders one of whom may be back in the game while the other calling it quits.

If you want to read an entertaining report on the Tour of Georgia check out The Boulder Report where Joe Lindsey gives his assessment of the "winners and losers" there as the race is wrapping up.