Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday Roundup

The Cohutta results are finally available:

Place Bib Name Team Age Time
1 147 Jeff Shalk Trek-VW 0 06:48:12
2 174 Daniel Vallancourt Toshiba/Santo 0 06:50:36
3 130 Evan Plews ScottUSA/CSC 0 06:58:31
4 158 Christian Tanguy American Cycle & Fitne 0 07:02:35
5 1 Chris Eatough Trek / VW 0 07:04:16
6 2 Harlan Price Independant Fabricatio 0 07:20:16
7 5 Gerald PFLUG Speedgoat/SPK/Salsa 0 07:23:30
8 4 Shawn Adams Lake Effect 0 07:23:42
9 9 Michael Simonson Quiring/Bells 0 07:27:12
10 3 josh tostado tostado 0 07:27:57
11 114 Ernesto Marenchin Speedgoat 0 07:33:31
12 68 Andrew Gorski Speedgoat/SPK/Salsa 0 07:38:05
13 24 Garth Prosser Sobe/Cannondale 0 07:38:46
14 64 Greg Gibson MTB Race News.Com 0 07:44:11
15 155 Charlie Storm Inland Construction 0 07:47:11
16 28 Andy APPLEGATE Inferno 0 07:48:57
17 6 Shey Lindner Sobe/Cannondale 0 07:58:00
18 144 Steve Schwarz Titus Cycles National T 0 08:01:01
19 99 Greg Kuhn Team Fraser 0 08:02:06
20 123 Jason Murrell Scotts Bicycle 0 08:03:28
21 153 david Sprinkle SCV 0 08:06:59
22 159 Matt Thourot Bicilibre 0 08:09:41
23 173 Rich O'Neal Mt. Nittany Wheelworks 0 08:17:53
24 72 David Hall Charleston Bicycle Com 0 08:17:55
25 41 Chris Scott 0 0 08:18:04
26 101 Floyd Landis Smith & Nephew 0 08:18:08
27 143 Mike Schultz Dirty Harrys/Highland T 0 08:21:45
28 105 Kyle Lawrence JV Squad 0 08:22:54
29 10 Ross Clark 0 0 08:23:17
30 93 Peter Joski Dedicated Athlete 0 08:28:13
31 39 Tony Brown 0 08:29:16
32 36 brian blair The Path Bike Shop 0 08:29:31

Sorry about the formatting, but we're getting lazy.

CyclingNews has a race covering story, perhaps delayed by the results, with another pic of Landis in the river with non-sponsored recovery beverage in hand
The first 35 miles was punctuated by small accelerations off the front from Vaillencourt, Plews and Shalk. Price, Eatough, Landis and Beck were content to stay steady and pull back up as the attackers slowed after their initial bursts.

Beck was the first of the group to go off the back after chain suck ripped his derailleur off. The forest road's constant roller style of terrain coupled with the attacks from the front group minimized the amount of drafting, and forced everyone into a heavy work load. Landis would prove to be the next casualty to the terrain, weather and pace. To the surprise of everyone, he dropped during the first big climb around mile 30.

The VeloNews says Jorge Jaksche, whose suspension ends on June 30th, will give himself until July to find a new ride:

Jaksche said: "If I have not found anything by July, I will have to be honest with myself. I can't and have no desire to wait forever.The UCI and race organizers have said they are not against my return but nobody wants someone who has spit in the soup."

The AP
reports the other members of the Women's relay team with Jones are considering appealing the decision that would make them return their medals. The USOC is offering to pay for their representation, if they select one of three offered attorneys, one of whom is... Maurice Suh, with no other names mentioned.

What to make of that, do you suppose? He must not have burned bridges with the IOC with the Landis and Gatlin defenses, both of which he has basically completed - they are fully plead and awaiting award. There's still the matter of John Doe (LeGrande?) hanging around. Does USOC think (a) the case can be won, and they should defend the US athletes; (b) the case is a toss-up, and they should defend the US athletes; or (c) the case is a loss, and they want to provide enough defense not to be seen as non-supportive of US athletes? In any event, USOC must believe Suh is now sufficiently familiar with the law and process of athletic appeals to be able to take the case without much costly learning curve -- even at big firm, LA Law rates.

We'll bet two years ago that Suh had not imagined that athletic advocacy would emerge as one of his litigation specialties.


Rant writes about WADA's "about face" on the LaTasha Jenkins case, and wonders how/why evidence that has now caused the case to be dropped was not present before the case was first heard, or Jenkins was first accused. Good questions.

Matt Ferrari got a late start at Cohutta, but got psyched at the end:
I had to slog through several miles of pancake flat road into aid station 5 that soaked the motivation out of me. But pulling into aid 5 I spotted Floyd Landis filling up a bottle. Filled with adrenaline at the thought of beating the tour champ I grabbed a quick fill and motored out of the stop. I paid for that move over the next few miles as I worked in and out of debilitating cramps, but managed to keep turning and held my lead against the big man.

One word is that Landis was out for a weekend ride and wasn't trying very hard. Maybe he'll post a story on to quell speculation. Hint, hint.

Stanley Olerenshaw doesn't believe any cyclist anymore, blaming in particular Virenque, Pantani, Riis, Hamilton, Landis, and Millar -- and is now carrying particular suspicion of Lance.

RaceJunkie points us to the Iban Mayo blog, announcing a May 21 date for the announcement of the award in his case. More amusing is the poll at the side of the page:

free polls What's CAS up to?
Having a beer
Asking the UCI what to do
Studying Iban's case


Poll really at Iban Mayo's English blog - not here!

TBV voted for social networking at Facebook, with the rest of the Olympic clubbers. Most voters are thinking the arbs are at the pub.


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"Sorry about the formatting, but we're getting lazy."

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Ok Guys, you'll have to forgive me for being picky...and I know the results for Calhutta were broken down male/female, but Floyd actually finished in 27th place, 'cuz Pua Sawicki kicked major butt, finishing in 7:41 and change, putting her 14th place overall.

Just had to give credit where credit is due...that girl rocks, (and so does Floyd)!

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Here is a story on the 100 with a few details: