Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday Roundup

Quote of the Day

(out of context, dept.)

Some part of me thinks, "Surely the people in charge are smarter than that." Then I remember that great line about the Nixon administration, and people in power in general, from All the President's Men: "The truth is these are not very bright guys, and things got out of hand."

The Highland Community News posts a sports article in which a spectator at the Redlands Bicycle Classic proclaims her faith in Floyd Landis' innocence. It also says Landis is from Menifee, CA, which might be a helpful spell-check correction from Murrieta. Or not.

The CyclingNews letters column covers the UCI v. ASO and lots about the Trek vs LeMond war. Too bad no one talks about cycling anymore.

Not to be outdone, Velonews' mailbag is likewise replete with comment on the Trek/LeMond story.

Fatty posts over at Bike Radar and in a letter to Greg LeMond and Trek, he splits up the assets of the "marriage". But why should LeMond get to hammer Floyd Landis at will? This clause may need some tinkering.

Rant gives some more perspective on the Trek/LeMond break up, and notes that it's all about appearances and perceptions in business no matter which side of this issue opinions fall on.


Bill Mc said...

Great quote! It very nicely encapsulates my thoughts about the leadership of the cycling and anti-doping establishments (WADA, UCI, USADA, LNDD, ASO ...

Outside the Beltway Drury said...

A bit snarky re: Murrieta vs. Menifee since the two communities share a poorly defined border along the I-215

DBrower said...


Is it that confused? It looks to me like they are A ways apart, and Landis lives in the clearly Murrieta part W of the 215, in different zip code, in the Murrieta school district, and in the incorporated boundary of the city, not even in the "sphere of influence."

Having never heard Menifee and Landis in the same paragraph before, it looks just wrong to me.