Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Roundup

The Hagerstown Morning Herald reports a movie is being made about mountain biking which will use actors and real cyclists. Wonder if they could use a gritty world class cyclist with a little time on his hands who can ride the road or the trails? Said rider is also mentioned briefly in the piece as having lost Cohutta last weekend. The description of the mud at the Pennsylvania race makes the 22mi and hour longer course in Prescott AZ sound much more pleasant.

TAS-CAS sends a press release announcing details for the appeal Oscar Pistorius, who wants to run in the Olympics with carbon fiber legs. We're interested because one of the arbs is David Rivkin, the USADA member of Landis' CAS panel. We don't know who picked him in this case. The hearing is set for 29-Apr; whether this delays or expedites the Landis award is to be seen.

Fuzzy John got a two hour "interview" with Landis riding the Cohutta 100:

[W]e rode together for almost two hours. He's a pretty funny guy... here is a little of my interview with Floyd:

FuzzyJohn: What have you been doing lately?

Floyd Landis: hanging out with Lawyers.

FJ: Training through races really doesn't work for me...

FL: Try not training and partying, it doesn't work either.

FJ: What's you favorite part about Mountain bike races.

FL: you can stop at aid stations every 15 miles.

The Bikeworks Crew had quite a ride yesterday with "fun" had by all and memories of a 16 year old Floyd Landis shared by Travis.

Speaking of the Future, Dept.
At the Whiskey on Saturday, the "25 proof" junior was won by 13yr old Ryan Geiger in 2:36:07, ahead of a second place finisher at 4:08. The open men's category was won in 2:35:38, ahead of second place in 2:43. You kind of imagine the grown-up working real hard to stay ahead of that damned kid who was right behind him and wouldn't just go away.


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Dang I guess Count Chocula is now a PED...