Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tuesday Roundup

Remember, it's April Fools Day so don't believe everything you read, it could be a prank.

The CyclingNews thinks that one of it's updates today is absurd, but unfortunately some of it makes a lot of sense, like Floyd Landis' case being decided by Judge Judy rather than the CAS. Had she been given the case in August of 2006 we may not have been here every day for the past almost two years slogging it out. It also might have been interesting to see what she would have had to say to Dick Pound, or maybe even Floyd.

The VeloNews
reports that the decision in the Dainlo DiLuca case has been postponed with a reanalysis of his "anomalous" sample by independent scientists ordered:

A review of Di Luca's sample had revealed that he had abnormally low hormonal levels, “equivalent to those of a child,” according to press reports, suggesting he had been injected with water or some sort of fluid after the stage.

"This is not a matter of doubt but a concrete and precise accusation. An intravenous infusion, not necessarily aimed at rehydrating the cyclist's body, was performed between the first and second doping controls following the Mount Zoncolan stage," said Coni's prosecuting lawyer Fabio Filocamo.

CONI plans to reconvene the proceedings on April 16.

BUT ESPN reports that DiLuca could now be banned for two years for skipping his hearing today(?) It is not made entirely clear in the piece if the ban would result from the subject of the hearing, his anomalous sample finding from last year's Giro, or from actually skipping the hearing. Stay tuned.

In more VeloNews the ASO writes new racing rules, and Michael Ball plans to buy a win, nudge,nudge, wink,wink.

Take the Boulder Report's April Fool's quiz and see if fiction IS stranger than reality.


Rant breaks a stunning and shocking bulletin relating to the Landis CAS case:

Lausanne, Switzerland (from RYHO wire services) April 1, 2008 – The Court of Arbitration for Sport surprised the sports world today by issuing its decision in the Floyd Landis case, 18 days before attorneys in the case were due to submit their final written arguments and two months before any decision was expected. In their announcement, the panel noted that the case against Landis was being thrown out, shocking and stunning attorneys on both sides of the case.

The Steroid Report writes mainly about the Victor Conte book due out soon, but also thinks that "winning at all costs" applies to the anti-dopers as well as to the dopers they try to snare. Couldn't agree more.

In the spirit of April Fools Day Briggs Heaney posts a piece about a "new" pro continental cycling team called "Second Chance". You can guess who will be on the team, but check out the sponsors that have lined up to support it.


N.B.O.L. said...

The problem with today is that so much of the daily cycling news through out the year looks like it should be an April Fools Joke.

Unknown said...

Hard to distinguish sometimes...

Eightzero said...

Yeah, I'm not buying any story that claims any anti-doping authority will retest using actual *science.*

Fool me once....

sugaken said...

Have you guys caught this SciAm article?

It's an interesting read, to say the least.

Eightzero said...

sugaken - thanks for the link to the AmSci article. It is *excellent*.

I would add at least one thing to the authors recommendations: not only test athletes rigorously, but track their training profiles as well. It seems a simple matter to put power meters and GPS systems on pro bikes. Track their nutirtion as well. I am a little dubious of the Andreau and Lemond claims that there was a sudden jump in performance when the drugs became widespead in the 90's. I'd accept it is there was evidence the claim is so. As it stands, it seems mostly like sour grapes. "I didn't win, so theall must have been cheating." Floyd points this out too - a team that says "we're clean, and if we don't win, it is because everyone else doped" is specious at best.

Is it just me, or is it ironic that sports competiton off the field can be understood best by "game theory?"

Briggs said...

Thanks for linking to me. Any chance of getting a permalink on your site? Happy to do the same . . .

If possible, in the following form:

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