Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Roundup

Danielle Musto writes a decidedly succinct Cohutta 100 race report that may just speak for Floyd Landis' experiences there yesterday as well. She says there will be more to come. We await race reports and images.

Endless Cycle has us all back in the square waiting, waiting...

SoloGoat says he passed Landis near the second feed stop, and finished 11th.

Mark Duffus has posted a flickr album:

One of Landis' drop bags, looking minimal. (photo: Duffus)

Wet at the start, and everybody looks cleaner than they do afterwards.
SoloGoat (114), Landis (101), and Harlan Price (2).(Photo: Duffus)

Diary of a Bike Man posts some proof that Floyd Landis survived the Cohutta 100 with promises of more to come, see below.

SORBA Forums
have a thread of Cohutta stories. Mark D's post here captions pictures correctly. Xtanker writes:
Highlights of the race:
-The eventual 1st and 2nd place finishers rolled by me like I was standing still.
-Etough came by, I asked if he needed help with anything, like force a guy off the road. He laughed and said "that guy" and pointed behind him.
- Landis rolled by as I cracked my first beer and just said "Did I win". It was pretty funny at the time.
-Sitting in the river when it was over.

Sounds like a wet mud-fest, with complaints about chain suck frequently made.


Unknown said...

David Ramsey made a few points that were correct. Any indication St. GL is doing whatever he is doing for the good of the sport is pure fiction. Overall, it seems Mr Ramsey may have smoked something on the banned list before writing?