Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tuesday Roundup

The CyclingNews says German prosecutor Fred Apostel is certain Jan Ullrich doped no matter what the terms of Ullrich's deal said, or didn't say. In addition to claiming Ullrich doped the prosecutor also conceded that Jan had probably paid enough for his "crime". The statements, as can be imagined, went down very badly with Ullrich's attorney, and it seems the powers that be are not done with Ullrich yet.

The VeloNews mailbag is full of Greg LeMond related comments, both pro and con.

Sara Best has decided to pack it in and get on with her busy life, sounds like a wonderful idea. Good luck Sara, and thanks for all the commentary as well as the safe harbor.

Rant is catching up on a bit of cycling news after working hard to get Dope ready for publication, despite rumors to the contrary he has not fallen off the face of the earth.

Bikesnob bemoans Hincapies' yearly dubious equipment choice, and explains race tactics for the rest of us as recalibrating expectations. This is like "bogey golf", where you are trying to make bogey on every hole, hoping for a 90 on a par-72 course.

Fatty puts into perspective why cycling is just cycling, and not the end all be all. Good luck Susan!


Gary O'Brien said...

I can't understand why George didn't win P-R. I was clapping my hands saying, "I believe! I believe!" Why didn't that work?

At this point, George failing at the classics is part of the spring tradition. In fact, I'm writing a movie about it called "If It Weren't For Bad Luck: The George Hincapie Story".