Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday Roundup

Gwinnett Herald (GA), in a piece titled "Is Professional Cycling Dead", starts discussing Floyd with this howler:

A former teammate of Lance, Landis moved on to team CSC to try his own hand at becoming a tour winner a few years before Lance retired.
Let's count the errors. (1) He went to Phonak, not CSC; (2) he was hired at a Lieutenant, not a team leader with prospects of trying for a win; (3) it was exactly one year before Lance retired.

Anyway, the author is glad to be able to follow the local ToG, and the headline isn't reflected in the body of the piece at all.

[Update: It's fixed now, with the power of Winston Smith-ing. The headline still has nothing to do with the article, though.]

The AP/Phillip Hersh reports that WADA has dropped its appeal of the LaTasha Jenkins case, which she won at the initial hearing with support from Michael Straubel's Valparaiso clinic.


Danielle Musto finishes her Cohutta report with what sounds to be a courageous effort, and with a completely messed up knee she was at one point only one hour behind Floyd Landis.

Racejunkie feels teams will never be held responsible for their part in recent doping scandals. Yes Virginia let's face it, they are happy to leave their riders twisting slowly in the wind.

MTB Race News recycles Gregy's Cohutta reports, absent the slams. In comments, Gregy' says MTB Race news came first, then his blog report with added spice. We stand corrected.

Solo Goat says rumors are floating about Floyd Landis. They say he's on the fitness "down low" until he can race again next year, then watch out. Rumors that Landis stars in the "Tour de French Toast" commercials from IHoP may be exaggerated.

Dave Hall says he pipped Landis and Chris Scott at the line for 24th. He offers this Sun Tzu as his blog motto:
"Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

Steroid Report talks about LaTasha Jenkins.


Mike said...

TbV from yesterday:

That's one hour, thirty minutes back. Yow. We haven't heard a story, and maybe we won't if it sounds like excuses. Guess he wasn't the strongest guy, and needs more training and fewer Krispy Kremes.

Or maybe, for now, he's just there to have fun.


whareagle said...

Given the hell he's gone through? WHY NOT have some fun? Regain some adventure and a little passion...

Michael said...

From the AP article about Latasha Jenkins:

"Having carefully reviewed the scientific data of this case, which includes material not available to us from the initial hearing, WADA has reached the conclusion that the adverse analytical findings (positive test result) cannot lead to a sanction,'' Swiss attorney Francois Kaiser wrote CAS on behalf of WADA.

Hmm..you'd think WADA would have reviewed Floyd's case before ruining his reputation??? I think WADA and USADA suck. Maybe this is just more ammo for Floyd's CAS appeal.

beeble said...

You have to at least give the guy in Georgia credit for getting the Landis info correct the 2nd time around.

Hate to ruin the good TBV headliner joke though.

Anonymous said...

Mentioned that mtbracenews recycled Gregy's blog.

I actually recycled what I wrote for www.MtbRacenews.com for my blog, adding my own personal views, which are not the views of the website mtbracenews.

Let's be objective and not make assumptions here.

Cheers, Gregy