Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Roundup

WADAwatch does a lengthy review of the LNDD, with focus on the Landis case, worth a look. In colors only WW's mother could love, some snips:

One of the great miscarriages of sports–doping 'justice', in our modern era, therefore, is in the USADA Majority's phrases, which treated Landis as an LNDD first offence. The Majority's words, as denuded of force, as agonizingly weak as one could possibly expect, from a body that must stand up for the Decisions it provides, ignored Landaluce. The Landis Panel, it must be admitted, failed to integrate the 19 December 2006 the simple fact of LNDD failures PRIOR to Landis, when it wrote:

“The Panel does, however note that the forensic corrections of the Lab reflect sloppy practice on its part. If such practises continue it may well be that in the future an error like this could result in the dismissal of an AAF finding by the Lab.”
[Majority Decision, para. 290, p. 77.]


There could not possibly be any more evidence needed, yet more should come from the Court of Arbitration for Sport, before June, that proves once and for all time, that the current structure and direction of the French Laboratoire nationale du d├ępistage du dopage should have its WADA accreditation revoked for a two–year period.

Recovox News posts a summary of the events of Cohutta, with yet another shot of Floyd Landis enjoying some solace in the river.

Shawn Adams posts his race story -- fell off the lead group on the 2nd single track climb and never got back.


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Cheaters at TdG:

You'd think the good ol' Georgia boys would love the "if you ain't cheatin', you ain't tryin'" attitude.

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