Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Roundup

The Daily Courier gives us the back story on yesterday's Whiskey Off Road bike race in Prescott,AZ in which Floyd Landis finished third.

OneSpeeder ran the Whiskey yesterday, and thinks teammates Henry and Mortenson must have tactically ganged up on Landis when the three were alone together in the lead group.

SoCalTrailRiders Forum has some talk about the race, and some pix:

Start of the "50 proof" Whiskey yesterday (Photo: Kanga)

Whiskey 50 proof profile.

Toughnoodles finally got around to reading "Positively False" and even though she felt Landis was guilty when she started the read, after she was done she had changed her mind. She recommends the book.

Rant notes the original "users" of PEDs may be banning them in the future.

Racejunkie marvels at "the angel" Basso and how he seems to have wings that allow him to avoid what so many accused (or not accused) of so much have not. And how about that Liquigas team anyway?