Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Roundup

ESPN reports that BALCO founder Victor Conte plans to write a tell-all book on steroid use which will name names, criticize federal officials, and expose the ineptitude of present anti-doping programs.

The CyclingNews
says that Danilo DiLuca's season may end soon as CONI has assembled a panel of anti-doping experts to review the AAF Giro winner Diluca produced after a stage in last year's race. Depending on what the panel determines DiLuca could face a two year suspension, in the interim he continues to compete. In other news the UCI continues to say it has good reason to sue Dick Pound over his past disparagements of the agency, and that despite WADA's pull out from the biopassport program the UCI will continue its implementation.

The ScienceNews has an article on the T/E test genetic problems, refering to a paper that is now published; we talked about this in "Breaking Science" a while back, which is now updated with the full citation. (tip from an emailer).

Rant has been very busy with an ambitious project, writing a must read history of doping in sport. "Dope" is available for pre-order now, and will be out in June:

... most of all, what I hope you’ll get out of the book is an appreciation and understanding that doping is not a problem that just magically appeared over the last twenty years (despite how the many in the mainstream media seem to cast the story). The desire to boost human performance, and to find ways of pushing the boundaries of what we’re capable of, has existed for a very, very long time. And at one point in time, “the human experiments” that doping athletes perform were once even considered merely using technology in man’s quest to be better, faster and stronger. The perfectibility of man/woman, if you will.

Velo Vortmax continues his look at theories as to why USADA sent Floyd Landis' "B" samples back to the LNDD when many other suitable, and closer, labs were available. He reviews the "convoluted" trail of events by stating what is known and then goes into what he wonders about. Vv also wonders why Landis lawyer Maurice Suh did not pursue certain questions at last May's USADA hearings, questions whose answers might have had interesting consequences for many, including Travis Tygart.

Racejunkie talks about lots of things this morning, one of which is the "new" book about Jan Ullrich by Jef D'Hont, who has lost patience with the former T-Mobile rider for not fessing up.