Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday Roundup

Day four of the CAS Landis appeal dawns in New York City with nary a word from either side on the proceedings. Easter Sunday is a day off, and as far as we know the final day of the hearing is scheduled to be Monday.

STLtoday posts an AP piece on the UCI lawsuit against Dick Pound with some extra comment:

Good thing Floyd Landis’ case is being appealed now, considering what Pound said about the thoroughly botched 11-to-1 testosterone-to-epitestosterone finding by the French lab that prompted the loss of Landis’ 2006 Tour de France title and his suspension but that was subsequently tossed out as unreliable by both the majority and minority opinions in Landis’ first appeal.

The CyclingNews
provides more information from the interim report released by the Freiburg University Clinic which reveals the widespread doping practices of the then T-Mobile team in 2006. Not only were additional doctors accused of assisting in the doping, but more riders who took part are named as well.

The VeloNews
posts an interview with Jim Birrell, of Medalist, and Michael Ball explaining exactly why Rock Racing was snubbed by the Tour of Georgia. Seems like RR may need more than flashy cars and team kits, and outrageous comments by Mr. Ball to be considered for the big US races:

“I like all the riders he has on his team — it’s just that renegade approach and his desire to steal the limelight away from the platform that has been created for everybody else is what troubles me,” Birrell told VeloNews in California. “Right now, for Georgia, Colorado and Missouri, I just don’t know if there is a fit for that team at those stage races. We still haven’t finalized those rosters, but I don’t know if they are under consideration or not.”

In more VeloNews Tammy Thomas' perjury trail starts Monday. US District Court prosecutors have issued five perjury charges against Thomas for lying in October of 2003 to a federal grand jury looking into the BALCO steroid scandal. Thomas continues to proclaim her innocence.

The VeloNews Mailbag is full of reader response from what seems to be an increasing number of disillusioned cycling fans.

GolfWeek has an article about Shaun Micheel, who has been taking Testosterone medically for years, and is likely to get forced off by the new Tour drug policy. The ubiquitous Richard Young puts in an appearance as the gloved iron fist:
“If people are sick, they deserve to get the medications they need,” said Richard Young, the Colorado-based lawyer who helped create the Tour’s anti-doping program. “You don’t get in the door unless you need something. But if a doctor says this is good for you, you don’t necessarily get a (therapeutic-use exemption).”

The Steroid Report read the doping tests genetics study here and found it intriguing reading. Thanks for the blurb.

Velo Vortmax posts the "cycling news of the weird" as he points out the exclusion of Astana from the TdF, the continuing war between the UCI and ASO, Floyd Landis' "silent" CAS hearing, and the funding of the Landis case which turns out may not have been paid for entirely by US Taxpayer after all. Stay tuned, there is likely much more "weirdness" to come.

The Oz Report on Hang-gliding and Parasailing is happy they are not a WADA regulated sport, and quote Landis' observations from Quotes from the Past Part II to make the point. Glad we could help.

Steroid Nation notes the recent news about the former T-Mobile squad's "alleged" extensive involvement in doping.