Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Quotes from the past, Part I.

I received a call from Pat McQuaid, with whom I had never previously spoken on the phone, during which I was told that I should save my money and go home because it will be impossible for me to win. I told him that I had not done it and had to defend myself, to which he said; "Floyd, I think you're not a bad guy and I think you're an honest guy who made an honest mistake. And I am not saying that you did something that everyone else wasn't doing, I'm just saying that you got caught".

Landis, 6-Oct-2006, relating conversations from August, 2006, before we settled on doing round ups.


pantaloonfan said...

As much as I hate to say so, I do at this point believe that this is possibly very much on the nose. I don't think it was anything out of the ordinary for the peloton, and I do think Landis may have just mistimed his application of the patch, or may even be innocent, but I just can NOT see the tour changing course a second time and backing down to give him back the win.

I do still believe that the ride he unleashed that day is one which deserves at all hazards to be counted among the truly great days of sport by any athlete. Whether there was a positive test or not, there were loads of guys who would have pissed positive who couldn't even dream of staying on his wheel that day, and that is the simple and final way that I look at it.

He may not have won, but like Rasmussen a year later he stood head and shoulders above in a field of dopers, and no one could keep him contained. Is this not the reality that we have to consider?