Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sunday Roundup

Late CyclingNews covers Paris-Nice, noting the teams showed up -- and the weather helped Thor Hushovd who left the winner of the Prologue. Top US rider was Danny Pate of TSC in 6th; teammate Trent Lowe was 10th and David Millar 12th, which must be a disappointment since he said he was targeting this race. Next American was Craig Lewis, High Road, 20th. Credit Agricole, CSC, and Slipstream Chipotle each had two in the top-10. Lanterne Rouge to Tyler Farrar of TSC, who may not be fully recovered from his woes at the ToC.

They also talk about Kloden denying the claims that Sinkewitz has fingered him as a fellow blood-doper before the 2006 Tour, and frustrated the rumours are being presented as leaks of confidential interviews with the prosecutors.

Cycling Weekly notes that most of the "big stars" have defied the UCI's call for boycott and have started Paris-Nice.

The VeloNews' Andrew Hood writes about the "cloud" under which Paris-Nice starts today. Click here for VeloNews live updates. Here is the first update of the day as the race begins:

It's business as usual at the start of Paris-Nice despite a contentious week of political in-fighting between the UCI and ASO. Cycling has an incredible ability to shrug off adversity and get down to the business of racing bikes. Be it doping scandals, power struggles or other calamities, the power of simply getting on with it seems to the carry the day. That's the sense here in Amilly for the start of the 4.6km opening prologue course. Power struggles be damned - everyone here just wants to race their bikes.

In more VeloNews German prosecutors have offered Jan Ullrich a "deal" which would include a hefty fine and "cooperation" with the authorities.

The CyclingNews is late writing about Paris-Nice as, but rehashes the events of the past few days. In other news Rock Racing is hoping against hope for a spot in Milano-San Remo.

The NY Times writes late yesterday about the bottom line in the dispute between the ASO and UCI, with no less a rider than David Millar saying that this split may ultimately be for the best.

There is sure to be more Paris-Nice news soon, updates are coming

PuddinRider says his good news is that the avascular necrosis in his left femoral head (like Landis had) that will need replacement isn't directly related to the multiple myeloma that has him starting radiation treatment next week. He's carrying a positive outlook.

Velo Vortmax
reviews how Astana, the ASO, and the UCI arrived at this uncomfortable place in time, which finds all interested parties standing at the brink of a brave new cycling world.


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