Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thursday Roundup

The St. Petersburg Times reports that Tampa Bay Lightning captain Tim Taylor, who suffers from hereditary hip dysplasia, will undergo hip resurfacing this morning using the BHR procedure. While the progress that Floyd Landis made after his surgery is very encouraging, Floyd, to our knowledge, isn't often hip checked.

Augusta Free Press
cites Landis as a "loser" because his appearance at the bike store last week was sparsely attended and poorly promoted.

CyclingNews has Bruyneel confirming that he is talking to Astana, and Valverde's team is saying the UCI botched handling of a test he 'missed' when it lost track of the paperwork he'd filed about where he was located. So the wheel turns, with no Landis involvement.

Rochester MN Post Bulletin/Craig Swalboski
goes on an extended snark about Landis:

A flurry of failed tests by other riders in 2007 have served only to strengthen the belief that Landis' huge spike in testosterone level -- coinciding with his near-miraculous comeback to cross the finish line first -- was the result of cheating.

This might make sense if Landis there had been a spike in testosterone levesl, but since that wasn't the case, it kind of calls some of his other asserted facts and conclusions into doubt.


Bicycle Frenzy had a rainy day good for some reading and shares his cycling book reading list which includes "Positively False".

The FredCast podcast show #78 is now available with some Floyd Landis news included in the report.

is convinced his "mojo" is ever present in helping cyclists perform well after riding with him. We need more proof.

Gawker stretches a metaphor in a story about news coverage of rats in restaraunt kitchens in New York. Fox 5's "Inside Edition" made an example of one venue, and the Gawker snarks:
Silvano Marchetto, this story's Floyd Landis, vowed to throw away all the food in his restaurant. Now whether he'll be able to keep the yellow awning is to be decided.

Velo Pas Terrain has ignored the Vuelta this year, maybe due to fear of emails from mentals about Floyd Landis. At least TV options are provided to those who want to watch it.

Floyd Landis is the Man is finally taking care of unfinished business from the summer and posting a report and picture for a group ride he took in Pennsylvania with Floyd in June.


bobble said...

Hip check. Good one TBV!!

Ahahaaaaa, yer killin' me!

Bradly Fletchall said...

Thanks for link to my site BicycleFrenzy

strbuk said...

Hey Beeble, I am a hockey fan from way back, Go Sabres!


bobble said...

Oh sorry, I didn't notice you actually posted that str!

Ooooohh no more Drury or Briere, bummer eh?

BlackBird Images said...

For whatever reason I feel compelled to comment on the "sparsely attended and poorly promoted" remark in the Augusta Free Press. His appearance was "poorly promoted" because the national forest folks asked that Floyd's participation in the SMT 100 be kept low-key to keep a lot of spectators from attending (not too many large parking lots in a national forest.) The local paper's reporter complied, but as he told me, "I had to put SOMETHING in the paper - how often does a TdF winner come to Harrisonburg?" Floyd's appearance at the bike shop was very well attended, especially since most people found out by word of mouth. The owner of the shop told me a few days later he thought the event was a huge success.

cat2bike said...

Thanks, for the update, blackbird images. I didn't realize the national forest thing was going on, no wonder we had to wait to find out what happened in the race!