Thursday, September 20, 2007

Cream of the Crop, round 1

There are a zillion articles and posts, and while we're getting most of them in the Roundups, we thought it'd be useful to point you to the ones we think are the most informed and informative.

Eddie Pells AP story, reproduced the world over. Eddie appears to have gotten the decision from USADA almost as soon as USADA got it, and broke the news to the world.

ESPN has expanded the story with significant new reporting by Bonnie D Ford.

ESPN/Ford offers her own personal and ambivalent view at the end of the day.

LA Times/Hiltzik has a concise short piece.

writes a new article with quotes from a number of people not heard elsewhere, all taking unsurprising positions.

CyclingNews has a complete original report.

VeloNews has its own original story.

MSNBC/AP/Litke is having trouble believing either side.

NBC Sports/Abrahamson says he was found guilty because he is guilty, don't bother appealing, and don't let the door hit you on your way out. He also misrepresents the Landis defense.

Finger Food passes on the judgment of another writer, Bob Ford: "Cooked case."

Environmental Chemistry says it is a very dark day for science, fairness, and due process, and invites qualified scientists to explore the ruling at his site.

Howling Point says "Broken evidence, but guilty anyway."

Velogal thinks it's a screw job, and an appeal is pointless because the system is fixed.

Spare Cycles
says, "Landis loses, questionable precedent".

Racejunkie goes ballistic,

East Coast Bias doesn't trust the anti-doping agencies, and thinks we'll never know about Floyd.

The Oz Report
asks if an injustice has been done, citing our Judge Hue and Environmental Chemistry.

Triple Crankset asks, "did you really expect otherwise?"

And for the last word, TBV's Bill Hue started his dissection, and TBV pointed at the heart of the decision and found it a good candidate for further scrutiny.


UltraRob said...

I've long believed that doping is common in cycling and also in other sports. However just because riders are doping doesn't mean that the odds should be stacked against them in doping cases. USADA's 35-0 record to me is more about rules that assure they win cases than it is that they had solid cases. To me the sloppiness of the lab is worse than Landis doping if that was really the case. They didn't prove it to me.

Glen said...

KTTV, Channel 11 in Los Angeles, is saying they have an interview with Floyd on their 10 PM news cast tonight.

GMR said...

Thanks for the tip Glen.

C-Fiddy said...

Pdfs of the decision and the dissent are available here:
(Click on the 2007 button)
Read the dissent, then read McQuaid's piece on cyclingnews. Then, ask yourself who sounds like they are operating with a dangerous "win at all costs" mentality. "There are possibly things that need to be changed," Wow... do ya think?
Sorry Floyd, I hope you appeal.