Monday, September 03, 2007

Monday Roundup

The VeloNews writes a short report on yesterday's SM100 in which Floyd Landis took third place.

CyclingNews SM100 report is expanded with quotes and many pictures.

Price was caught completely by surprise when Landis rolled up behind him on the final climb up Hankey. "I didn't see him, but he thought I saw him. It wasn't a tactical move. After I left (aid station) six, I thought I was still third."

The two rode together until the top of the final climb, with Price doing everything in his power to stay on Landis' wheel. "Landis seemed really smooth," said Price. "I knew my only chance was the final descent. I tried to use what I had left to hang with him. He wasn't climbing as fast as before. Maybe he was just being nice?"

"We made the climb together. I was dying. Then Landis said, 'That's your singletrack descent,' so I went ahead on it and got a gap I could hold to the end. I just hoped he wouldn't catch me."

After the race, Landis said to Cyclingnews, "It's hard race, I knew it was going to be tough. The trails here in Virginia are like the ones I used to ride in Pennsylvania. I haven't done it in quite awhile, so I took a beating on the rocks." Landis had previewed some of the course, but said not seeing it all didn't matter. "I wouldn't have remembered it anyway."


The Mom and Roxi Report has pictures and a few details about yesterday's SM100 in which Floyd Landis came in third after, according to the blog , he "handed it over" at check point six. BTW Roxi was the terror of the campground, bad dog. Floyd is pictured below at some unspecified point in the race.

Floyd Landis at checkpoint six at yesterday's SM100. He rolled in second, and hearing he was 17 minutes back, cracked jokes and "stopped for lunch". Then Harlan Price blew by from third taking second, stopping snack time. Landis caught up on the last hill, but fell back on the remaining single-track descent.

It hasn't happened yet, but watch Harlan's blog for his post-race story.

Sophie crewed for Rusty this weekend at the SM100 and gives more detail about the events leading up to the race, as well as some post race information. She provides a link to some of her event photos.

Pierce Family Adventures are a little late with pics from the Leadville100 but they are appreciated nonetheless.


("Eightzero") said...

Love the VN "ticker" headline:

"MTB News and Notes: Kintner, Prokop take third Jeep KOM, Beerten, Prokop win overall; Llanes hospitalized after crash; Craig, Emmett take single speed world titles; Hermida bests everyone at final Swisspower; Floyd third at Shenandoah Mountain 100"

Everyone referred to by their last name...except Floyd. *Everyone* knows him by his first name.