Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday Roundup

The Cycling News reports that the CAS ruled in favor of Alejandro Valverde thus allowing him to take part in the World Championships in Stuttgart. The ruling is a setback for UCI president Pat McQuaid who had forbidden the participation of Valverde based on alleged ties to OP. This also opens the door to Australian Allan Davis and the Czech Rene Andrle who were in circumstances similar to that of Valverde. The UCI made its decision for "reasons of equity" after the CAS ruled in Valverde's favor. In the meantime Paolo Bettini has been accused of distributing testosterone gel, and the city of Stuttgart is threatening legal action against the UCI if Danilo Di Luca and Paolo Bettini start in Sunday's World Championship road race. Sounds like a mess for Dr Phil.

CNN reports that the folks at the World Cycling Championships won't have Danilo Di Liua to kick around any more, he's left the building:

"It's a scandal," Di Luca said. "I'm going home without ever being banned, after months of sacrifice. (The decision) only served to prevent me from racing the world championship. ... I will be cleared 100 percent."

After a three-month wait, cycling's world governing body, the UCI, gave CONI permission on Wednesday to compare that abnormal test with his other drugs tests given during the Giro.

CONI would not divulge the results on Thursday, but indicated the findings warranted a suspension. The case now moves to CONI's disciplinary panel and they could recommend Di Luca loses his Giro crown.

The CyclingNews
also has a "news flash" on the Di Luca story. And in earlier CyclingNews UCI president Pat McQuaid is criticized for not protecting cycling's legends.

The VeloNews
is on the Di Luca story as well, and Bettini may be out too, stay tuned.

The Canadian Press reports Dick Pound's comments on cycling and doping made in Beijing today. Pound says cycling can come back from the brink, but that it needs to get its' collective head out of he sand and get its' act together about doping:

He called on participants to ask themselves "what is the problem, what is the paradigm shift that we need to take in order to go from where we are now . . . to something that will give the world confidence that we've dealt with the problem."

"I think they've now realized that they've let this go too far and they're fighting their way back from the brink."

I don't Care says everyone loves an update, but the trouble is in the details. There's lots there, you'll have to hunt for Landis commentary which is a bit off as far as facts are concerned. Blogs posted one a few days ago that we missed. It's about atonement in the season of Yom Kippur, and not to be overly dramatic but Michael Connelly thinks that Floyd Landis' family and friends should keep an eye on him.

Jenn Martinelli snarks that Floyd Landis is an ass, not only that but he is also pathetic, shady, and stupid. Jenn says it's her blog and no one can argue with her, wanna bet?

WADAwatch notes the power struggle in process for the leadership of WADA after "lame duck" Dick Pound vacates his position.

makes mention of the Landis arbitration decision that came down 2-1 against him a week ago.

Rant makes a couple of points based on the CAS ruling in favor of Alejandro Valverde. Cyclists who have not been proven to have doped must not be punished, and those who run the store need to cease using cyclists as pawns to score political points. Amen!


pfinjt said...

Has anyone seen what's happening lately at the Worlds in Stuttgart? Bettini was "interviewed" by the police, the city is threatening to sue the UCI if Bettini rides. Di Luca gave up trying to fight and pulled out.

Joseph McCarthy must be laughing from hell - can things possibly get more screwed up? If the powers that be had designed a decent system from the start, they might not be having to deal with all this.

Michael said...

Better yet, CNN is saying Di Luca could lose his Giro crown....AFTER NEVER FAILING A DRUG TEST.

I was hoping for better things for cycling and then I hear about the Tour of America...duh..horrible idea as it stands.

Thank goodness grassroots racing is still strong and I can do that and not worry about the UCI...

jrdbutcher said...

Excellent job McQuaid, Pound, Stuttgart.......!!!

This tends to prove that small minds can f#$K just about anything up.

The cause is a good one - to have/promote/enforce an even playing field in professional cycling where the riders do not need to seek and advantage from drugs/medications/preparations that are likely to damage their health.

The follow through couldn't be more "keystone cops". I don't think a fictional story could have been written where the key actors are as incompetent as they are in the actual story unfolding before us. Great job!