Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sunday Roundup

This is the course profile for the 2001 SM100 and is said to be identical to the 2007 course that Floyd Landis is riding today with only minor charges leading down into the finish.

CyclingNews reports the SM100, where Jeff Shalk "Landis-ed Landis" going on a long solo break to win by 17 minutes. Harlan Price won a see-saw battle with Landis for second. Pre-race favorite Chris Eatough DNF-ed with a broken axle early on. Full report and photos promised.
1 Jeff Schalk (Trek / VW) 7.06.13*
2 Harlan Price (Independent Fabrication) 17.22
3 Floyd Landis (Smith & Nephew) 18.42
4 Chris Beck (Joe's Bicycle Shop) 37.06
5 Gerry Pflug (Freddie FU/Kona/Speedgoat Bikes) 43.11
DNF Chris Eatough (Trek / VW)
Blackbird Images visited with Floyd Landis Friday night in Harrisonburg,VA and found Floyd to be unassuming and easy to talk to. Blackbird noted Landis asked that a media interview wait until he had spoken with all of the people who had come there to see him. A couple of nice images are provided by Blackbird who is a wedding photographer.

Re:Cycling's Sunday Notebook reminds us of the Floyd Landis watch, the Vuelta, and Dave Zabriskie's US Pro TT win yesterday. Thanks for the plug.

UltraRob posts that the SM100 in which Floyd Landis will be riding today, is harder than the Leadville100. In an update UltraRob note the Landis third place.

Harlan is riding in the SM100 today and thinks that Floyd Landis MUST love cycling to be showing up at events which will give him little financial retirum and a lot of pain.

thinks that the delay in the announcement of the decision in the Landis hearings is hard to take, even with an alleged end date in sight.

Fatty had a contest with prizes and everything, and someone sent him a payoff on a bet, an autographed copy of "Positively False" signed to "The Fat Cyclist". Cool.


Mike Solberg said...

Anybody know what happened in the SM100?

strbuk said...

Mike, I have been checking all day and so far, nothing. I would appreciate any results that anyone has.


cat2bike said...

There's nothing on the website. I guess we will have to wait for the bloggers!