Friday, September 07, 2007

Friday Roundup

News posts a blurb about the Univest Grand Prix and Cyclosportif which will take place in Souderton, PA tomorrow Saturday September 8. Floyd Landis will lead the cyclosportif which is a timed recreational ride and after the ride will be available to the media.

Bloodthirsty Vegetarians
emails that Podcast 106 discusses the California Association of Criminologists Newsletter review of the Landis case.

Yahoo Sports discusses Rick Ankiel's past HGH use and of course makes the now obligatory mention of Floyd Landis as one of those athletes mired in PED scandals.

The CyclingNews Friday mailbag contains a plethora of letters about the Landis case decision, the Landis legal team, and Greg LeMond's most recent cycling comments.

The CyclingNews also reports on the UCI's "whereabouts" program reporting that it was supported by a Spanish court in a case brought by cyclist Carlos Roman Golbano. The UCI's program has come under scrutiny since the Michael Rasmussen incident in this year's Tour de France, but is not without fault as it admitted a mistake in the Alejandro Valverde case:

The UCI admitted its error in Valverde's case, but complaints from riders about the intractability of the whereabouts system are widespread. Still, the Spanish court dismissed Golbano's claims, saying that the UCI had the right to draw up its own antidoping regulations and require that they are respected by all affiliated parties.
The ruling also established that the implementation of the rider whereabouts programme did not breach any individual rights guaranteed by the Spanish Constitution, and confirmed the UCI's right to carry out unannounced out-of-competition testing.

The Mercury News has a non-Landis article that discusses the impact of reporting stories incorrectly, and what can happen in "feedback forums" as a result.

The Mercury News - which removes racist and obscene postings - edited its Web account about the [event] when more complete information was available. But other news outlets picked up the story and some still had the [incorrect and prejudicial] detail posted this week.

The mention of [the incorrect detail] brought hurtful and heartless commentary from readers posting on the Mercury News site and others. Many media Web sites allow readers' reaction, and they often remain anonymous.

News organizations could screen and edit comments before posting them, but that seems counter to the idea of the free flow of ideas. Still, allowing anyone to post anything leaves some commenting sections looking like a running conversation between those who would call talk radio if only they had the intellectual capacity to dial a phone.

Daily Peloton
blurbs Univest Cyclosportif appearance.

Yahoo passes on a press release about the Univest Grand Prix mentioning Landis' appearance.

USAToday notes Hockey player Taylor's upcoming BHRHip resurfacing, citing Landis.

Rant has questions about the final meeting between the Landis arbitrators and their scientific adviser Dr. Francesco Botre. Should it be as open as the hearings in May were? Will the Landis legal team be present? Can Dr. Botre be objective? When will the hearings be officially closed and the decision rendered?Good questions. Rant also wants to know just who is minding the store at the UCI "whereabouts" department?

Harlan Price, who beat Landis by 2 minutes at the SM 100, delivers his long report of the race weekend, abbreviated below:

What do I think of Landis? Funny, self deprecating, smart, fun to hang out with and ready to rumble with the WADA or the UCI. Awsome!

Schalk went into the singletrack first then Eatough, Landis and myself. Schalk and Eatough attacked when they saw the trouble Landis was having in the technical stuff, and I went around the Floyd to keep them in sight. Unfortunately I got a little stalled by Floyd and by the time I got to the road it was Sam Koerber and I chasing.

As the climbing continued I was able to keep Sam in sight while Landis started creeping up from behind. The rough stuff was keeping him off my wheel but he sure knows how to lurk. At the top and left hand turn onto the Wolf Trail descent, I launched my second of many downhill attacks on Floyd since he had the gravel road climbs to his advantage. Before the bottom I caught Schalk and Sam and we rolled from the bottom to aid station two together taking turns keeping Landis at bay.

Coming into aid station 2 Schalk rode through while I grabbed a couple of bottles from my sister and Mother, which would have gone smoothly but I got caught between Sam and a bottle which gave Schalk a gap. He launched an attack up the next roller and I let him go thinking Sam and I could catch him, and that he was working too hard for the day. My mistake. I underestimated what he had in those legs for the day.

Up the next climb, Hanky Mt., I dropped Sam and when I turned around to see where he was, Landis was in his place. It was like some sort of magic trick. He was climbing the narrow single track with his arms draped over his bar in a stage 17 time trial tuck. Crazy!Crazy! His pace wasn't crazy but I had to work harder to stay on his wheel than I would have liked. As the climb kept kicking up, one false summit after another, I asked him if it would compare to a category 1 from the TDF and he said "hell yeah!"

Floyd caught me about 6 miles into the gravel road section. We exchanged sighs about not feeling great and I told him I was still recovering from a bonk and not wait for me. I was surprised when at the top he was only 4 and a half minutes up. That gave me hope for catching him by the bottom.

I was startled to suddenly see Floyd coming from behind. What a magician. From that point on I just wanted to stay with him, because I figured if I could get to the next down hill into the finish my day would be made. And sure enough at the top we were together and he gave me the hole shot, knowing he'd just be holding me up.

Fatty takes a page from Pommi's book and predicts a bright future for Floyd Landis -- in the year 2035:

Paris, September 7, 2035 (Fat Cyclist Future News Service) - Floyd Landis, winner of the 2006 Tour de France, is free to race his bike again, with the advent of all charges being dismissed today.Strangely, however, the charges were not dropped due to a unanimous — or even majority — vote by the selected CAS-AAA arbitration panel, but simply because all three of the arbitrators have now reached retirement age.

Buzz Canuck posts a youtube video of hockey good guy Sydney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins delivering seasons tickets to a long time fan which is a nice story, but he then snarks that Floyd Landis, among others, exemplifies fallen sports heroes.

Floyd Landis is the Man, a.k.a. Matt, posts further proof that he indeed rode with Floyd Landis in June. Matt is pictured below in one of the Landis Supermarkets with Floyd.

Floyd with Matt in one of the Landis Supermarkets on June 29 2007.

Belgium Knee Warmers
goes over Walsh's From Lance to Landis, and finds it a seriously flawed work that works from a false premise and seems the working of a vendetta.

LOL Sports snarks that, "Floyd Landis probably did dope his blood", which isn't what he's been charged with, but why let that get in the way of a sharp poke?

Photos By Wes says that someone checked in at the SM 100 as "Loyd Flandis", like that was fooling anybody. He enjoyed his 15 hours of cramping pain.

Jamoker picks up the Onion's "Non-doper's finish their TdF" article.

Team Estrogen BBS gets worked up about Fatty's dismissal satire.