Friday, September 21, 2007


Today is Hoist a Glass for Floyd day. Inspired by Whareagle, anybody who wants can send us a picture and we'll put it here.

TBV was prepared with beer, chips, cell phone and chromatograms

Julie re-enacts her ride hoist.

PEM provides a before and after, more on his page. He gets credit for the idea of HOFFD.

Kate had some MonaVie Active Juice, which isn't wine despite the packaging, and claims not to contain anything on the WADA prohibited list. (picture: quixtar, who thinks it ought to cure cancer at $45/bottle)

We note RGlover's bottle looks pretty well consumed.

PJ celebrated with Miss Stella Artois.

Rant, proudly wearing his Floyd Landis Foundation jersey,
toasts Floyd Landis with a Kilimanjaro triple XL shot of The Balvenie
15 year old single malt Scotch -- or was it Jack Daniels?


Strider said...

G'Day again

I'm delighted with the verdict, and I only wish that the various authorities would come down harder on cyclists from all walks of life (as I love to discuss in my own blog on a regular basis).

That Floyd is still arguing that he is innocent is unsurprising - he probably is so convinced that he, like all other cyclists, is in the right and above the rules, that he believes he has done nothing wrong.

We all know the truth though, despite many cyclists out there being in denial - that your sport is the most corrupt and cheat-laden in the world, making weight lifting and ice hockey look straight.

I will be hoisting a glass today in honour of the Floyd verdict - I will drink my Fosters Lager joyfully in the knowledge that justice has been done and that the guilty have been punished.



cat2bike said...

I hoisted my water bottle and said a speach to myself for Floyd. I am still at work, and my co-workers are used to strange behavior from me. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture!

Whareagle said...

Hey all, send me those photos. I'm uploading them at

whareagle (at)

that's probably the best way to e-mail me.

Floyd - e-mail me for a funny video!

strbuk said...

I hoisted one at 5:10 my time, I faced west and sent good thoughts to Floyd and his family. Peace be with you Floyd...


ps no pics available!

calfeegirl said...

Whareagle..thanks for the pics...

No libations, but I hoisted my glass of Acai Juice in Floyd's honor....(appropriately, it says that it contains nothing that has been banned by WADA....ha ha!!!) (link:

Somehow, I thought it fitting.

Go get 'em, Floyd!
Aloha and Cheers,

daniel m (a/k/a Rant) said...

My wife and I toasted Floyd, too. The one, true winner of the 2006 Tour.

Cheryl from Maryland said...

To Floyd's future success and prosperity -- two glasses of Glenmorangie single malt from Wayne and Cheryl.

calfeegirl said...

Lest anyone think I actually spent that much on a bottle of fruit juice (I had no idea what it sold for)... I won it at a race in August. I think they figured I needed it, because I was almost an hour slower this year than last!

At any rate, it's all about Floyd...whichever path you choose to take, may you begin to know peace and joy in the simple things once again. May your smile be a genuine reflection of your heart as you step through this doorway to whatever lay ahead. And most of all, may you always have room for those who care for you the most, both to help and be helped.

To Amber: I wish you courage and heart and strength. Don't let them steal your joy. You are a beautiful lady. Stay strong!

Sorry, didn't mean to get touchy-feely, but what the hug.


James said...

Since I don't imbibe these days (due to the threat of gout), I thought I would pass on a wise (IMO) thought from the author of Lois McMaster Bujold.

"Reputation is what other people know about you. Honor is what you know about yourself." (A Civil Campaign, 1999)

Later in the same book a character points out that a bad repuatation with good honor is very annoying, but a good reputation with bad honor is extremely destructive.

Long may Floyd Landis keep his honor!


("Eightzero") said...

I am comfortably numb. -RGlover "Eightzero"