Saturday, September 01, 2007

Saturday Roundup

The Daily News Record interviewed Floyd Landis at the Shenandoah Bicycle Company in Harrisonburg,VA Friday night about his upcoming participation in the SM100 and also about the past year of his life lived under the clouds of a doping scandal. Many riders expressed positive opinions on Landis' participation in the event, but some had reservations that the media and the taint of doping would somehow tarnish the SM100. Chris Scott, who invited Landis to attend, was happy to have him there and feels that until proven guilty Landis is welcome to participate in the MB event. Floyd talked at length about the meaning of cycling to him, and how when the scandal first broke even riding a bike was too emotioanlly painful to consider. He also commented on the length of time the arb panel is taking with its' decision from his hearings in May:

Landis knows he’ll continue to be viewed in the U.S. as the face of doping scandal, even though he continues to vehemently deny ever taking a banned substance. Friday, he expressed disgust with the lab that handled his tests, the world anti-doping community and, mostly, the slow movement of his arbitration hearing.
“At this point, if they’re still trying to figure out the science, I don’t know,” Landis said. “But it’s disrupting everything about my life. It’s unbearable. There’s no reason it should take this long.”

The Daily Peloton confirms suspicions that Floyd Landis will indeed lead the cylosportif at the Univest GrandPrix on September 8 in support of the Indian Creek Foundation,an organization that serves adults and children with developmental disabilities.:

Landis will also be available to meet fans and the media after the Cyclosportif concludes, and he will remain until after the UCI-ranked Univest Grand Prix 107.3-mile road race finishes. On Sunday, Landis will lend his support to the Univest Grand Prix of Doylestown circuit race and associated events, including the children’s bike race.

The CyclingNews reports that the University of Syndney is looking for test subjects in a study of EPO in an effort to improve understanding of its' synthesis and excretion as well as the accuracy of EPO detection.


The information cul-de-sac/EightZero offers a fascinating discussion of the role of arbiters in setting policy, why this may not model Courts as we know them, and how improvements could be complicated to achieve.

Tim's Thoughtful Spot says that Fat Lady may be warming up for Floyd Landis now that we know the approximate time the arb panel will announce its' findings, then again whatever the outcome of the hearings there is always a possible appeal to the CAS by either side.


Michael said...

I give up. Check this out:

The NFL has SUSPENDED a COACH because he ADMITTED to buying a steroid in hopes of helping with his DIABETES SIDE EFFECTS.

I guess Steroids make you a better coach now? How unfortunate the NFL took this action. This is why ZERO Tolerance is BAD!!!

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