Sunday, November 16, 2008

Irregular Report 40 is back, sort of, as a redirect to the OUCH Sports Medicine site. We learned this via email from Rant, himself.

NY Daily News ITeam Blog snidely comments on Armstrong, and does a Landis drive-by en-route.

Cycling Weekly raps cyclists for offering any defense to doping charges, saying in a round-about way, "if you've been wronged, too bad, and shut up."

Is there anything more nauseating than the pathetic protestations of innocence and accusations of wrong-doing from a rider who has tested positive?

Tyler Hamilton started all this, with his lengthy 'Believe Tyler' campaign, which roped in his pet dogs as unwitting cheerleaders. Floyd Landis went down the academic route with a PowerPoint presentation stating his case.


If you believe you have been wronged, sue the laboratories for screwing up. Sue WADA for drafting illegal laws. Sue the sport's governing body and your national federations. See how far you get with that kind of action.

But do us all a favour and stop whining to favourable sections of the press, who are only too happy to help make your apologies for you and prove your case.

Otherwise, shut up, serve your ban and stop bleating, because it will only make you even more unpopular than you already are, which is jolly unpopular indeed.

Competitor Nor Cal is calling for forgiveness on Landis' return to racing.

Frank had some Floyd company on a training ride in North Carolina, and held on with some automotive assistance.

Racejunkie is very impressed with Jan Ullrich's current legal team, which now takes top spot in RJ's "cycling legal eagles" from Ivan Basso's crew.

Jan quite precisely testified that he never took then-banned performance-enhancing substances during the moments he was riding on his bicycle with Coast at the start of 2003. Well, that's the sort of beautiful barn-burning weaselry to make a lovelorn litigator's heart thump!

And they said Jan was not coachable.


strbuk said...

A VERY happy belated birthday TBV!! Hope you had a wonderful day!


Unknown said...

I heard a rumor that Floyd was doing some wind tunnel testing in Mooresville, NC on Kuota bikes...

strbuk said...

I read that as well mwbyrd, I am waiting for pictures to post.


Unknown said...

I agree with several of the points made by Thierry Attias.

In that spirit, I'm going to try to be patient, tolerant, and forgiving wrt all of the entities that blundered or conspired to f&%k up the proceedings against Floyd, post 2006 TdF. I'll try to be patient, tolerant, and will try to find a way to forgive Patty McQuaid, Dick Pound, the LNDD lab techs/Director, USADA, WADA, Richard (Dick) Young, the CAS panel, ...., the list is long and less than distinguished.

Not sure that Floyd needs to be forgiven for being galactically screwed over?

But hey, tis the season (upcoming) and why not go for a blanket forgive fest? Hard to see how t could hurt, but not sure how it helps?

Eightzero said...

No way. No farking way. Forgiveness goes to people that earn and deserve it. Floyd was, and still is being, galactically, universally, colassaly, *screwed* by people that still have never evidenced an ounce of concern for fairness, justice or even simple objectivity. The Dicks, Pattys, and the whole lot of them have yet to answer for their Crimes, and I for one will *never* forgive them for their "win at all costs to save our collective arses from being shown to be the bumbling boobs we are" attitudes. Never. Call me one tough bitch (please!), but that the way it is.

Hallelujah. Where's the Tylenol?

On a better note:

daniel m (a/k/a Rant) said...


I noticed earlier today that redirects there.

Unfortunately, whoever is managing the domain name didn't redirect, too.

Good to see Floyd being welcomed back into the fold.

Unknown said...

Sarcasm was intended for the majority of my previous post.

They don't need my, or anyone's, forgiveness as they are not likely to have any notion of the extent of the wrong they have done.

Amber says Floyd is one tough bitch, and I won't argue with her on that point. eightzero is looking to be a tough bitch on this issue (go 8-0). For me, I have faith that Kharma (or whatever you'd like to call it) is indeed one tough bitch and the wrongdoers will eventually come face to face with their reward.

PEM said...

Forgive Floyd Landis?

I have no reason to forgive Floyd Landis. You forgive someone if they did a wrong, repented for the wrong, and asked for forgiveness. Why forgive Landis when he is still fighting for his innocence and has not asked for forgiveness?

I still support Landis with his claim of innocence. It is hard, but I have invested an emotional belief that he is truthful when he says he did not cheat. There is always a nagging doubt that he is lying, but I keep ignoring it. I keep reminding myself that there has been no reliable publication that Landis acted or said anything that is questionable, or contradict his claim of innocence.

The governing bodies that are claiming his guilt have not proven to me their competence or credibility. In fact, it despairs me when I read Landis’ motion to vacate.

Should Landis ever reveal he is guilty; I will be greatly disappointed and will struggle to forgive him if that is what he seeks.

By the way, I re-read the article, and it was not Thierry Attias, President of the Health Net Cycling team who is asking to forgive Landis, he is giving Landis a second chance. It is the author of the article, Eric Gilsenan, who is suggesting the forgiveness.


strbuk said...

Holy cow I am away from my computer for a day and all hell breaks loose. Hey the one who needs forgiveness, IMO, is the guy who suggests that Floyd be forgiven. Shoot, after all these years and there are still so many fools...


Eightzero said...

Man, oh man...I need to step away from the keyboard. But my BP is up into the red zone.

Dear Cycling Weekly: Imagine that there was a heinous allegation that was made against you. Say...someone found kiddie porn on the computers that you use to publish your web site. Never mind how those people found it, or how they know it was kiddie porn, we all know that stuff is repulsive, offensive and intolerable. But there it is - and Cycling Weekly is a a jolly unpopular place with anyone with a sense of dignity and ethics. So how do we know you guys had that nasty stuff in your posession? Well...does it matter? We used our experience. You had the stuff in your possession. So put a sock in it. Stop trying to claim you "didn't know" or "someone put it there." Go ahead and sue the employees, or the police that found it, or the hacker that put it there. Good luck with that.

I'll tell you *exactly* what is more nauseating and pathetic than someone insisting on due process - it's insufferable morons that are willing to take someone's unquestioned and indefensible allegation as *truth*. Science stands up to the light of inquiry, and anything that does not must summarily be rejected as conjecture and speculation. Got proof? Bring it. Show me. Convince me. What I saw in a PowerPoint presentation was white-out on lab samples. Improperly used lab equipment. Undocumented procedures. Conflicts of interest. Prior scietific studies by respected and qulaified scientists indicating false postive rates. You offer suggestions that the veracity of a *human being* can be undermined by a "postive test." Well, next time that "positive test" is somone claiming they saw you perform a act of witchcraft, don't expect me to come put the flames out when you're at the cross in Salem.

Where's the Tylenol?

snake said...

Ha ! 8-0 you are one tough bitch. That was a nice rant.

racejunkie said...

If McQuaid, Pound, and each and every one of those lab chimps who couldn't handle a simple chain of custody line up on their knees at the start line of Floyd's next race and personally beg his forgiveness for one of the most spectacular substantive and procedural jackovers in recent sporting history, I hope he'd be a gentleman about it.

Me, I'd still want to run my bike over 'em first.

strbuk said...

RJ, I suspect Floyd would be a gentleman about it. Now as for me.....