Sunday, November 02, 2008

Irregular Report 36

Here and There
BikingBis notes the return of Floyd Landis to the pro peloton on the OUCH (Occupational Urgent Care and Health Sports Medical Center) Team and wonders if he will suffer the same way Tyler Hamilton did when he first made his comeback.

EuroPeloton writes about the "comebacks" of Floyd Landis, Ivan Basso, and Lance Armstrong noting, among other things, that at the very least there will be an increase in publicity for cycling.

BikeWorldNews notes Landis' OUCH comeback.

ServiceCourse notes the comeback too, with a snarky picture.

Liz brought back the ever popular Phonak kit this Halloween.

Critical Section had quite a blogging year, and in this entry welcomes Floyd Landis back to the peloton.

CyclingNews has some letters about life bans on first offenses.