Monday, November 03, 2008

Irregular Report 37

Cycling Fans Anonymous has interesting news. In a 30-Oct post, it suggests ACE may be folding.

On 1-Nov, CFA points us to a forthcoming book, "The Ethics of Doping and Anti-Doping". This is supposed to be out in May, at 185 pages for $38.00 (paperback) and $140[!!!] (hardcover).

US Citizens,

Don't forget to vote tomorrow!

Rant also exhorts us all to vote today. It's a right many have fought and died for in the past. Using this privilege is the least we can do to honor those many and participate in the present.


beeble said...

Seen it, done it, surfed it!

jrdbutcher said...

Vote early and vote often.

daniel m (a/k/a Rant) said...

And as the joke about a boss of the old Chicago political machine used to go:

Q: Where's the boss?
A: He's in the graveyard counting votes.


Russ said...

Vote for Floyd Landis !

Remember, a vote for Floyd is a vote against tricky Dick Pound and his alphabet cabinet.

Ali said...

Man, will I be glad when the US election is finally over and done with. It seems to have been going on for at least the past two years.

Even in the UK, we've been getting constant news coverage. I find UK politics boring enough ... getting a blow-by-blow account of what's happening in another country really isn't necessary.

Still, as I can't vote, am I allowed to say that I hope Obama wins ?

MarkR said...

It's been forever since I've posted a comment, but still following the "irregular" action. Keep it up.

With that said Yep, voted. checked that off the list the 2nd day of early voting.

Ali, I hope your wrong but I'm afraid you will be correct.

Atown, Tx.

Russ said...


If you could only listen to Rush Limbaugh, Chris Plante and few other of our American talk radio folk, you'd be a changed man!!! :-)


PS early exit poll data shows Floyd Landis running ahead of tricky Dick Pound like he is on a Harley!!!

Ali said...


What ever happened to Dick Pound ? Well, turns out he's alive, kicking and maintaining his 100% record for being offensive:

"Days after public outcry, Pound says he's sorry"

Keep the faith Dick !

(apologies if this has already been referenced)


Russ said...

Thanks for the link ... here are my favorite quotes from the comments there :-)

I'm outraged ! (That hardly anyone has made any good Dick Pound name-related jokes, I mean...)

really pound is the savage. i m a regular white joe and i would never have made a comment like that. who does he think he is .