Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wednesday Roundup

The CyclingNews reports three "non-negative" results from testing done after the Giro D'Italia this year. Of the three riders two are Italian and one is Spanish, with the Spaniard seeming to exhibit the same type of non negative result which Floyd Landis did after last summer's Tour de France:

In the case of the Spaniard, the 'non-negative' is a result of an elevated testosterone level. The Italian Federal Sports Medicine anti-doping laboratory (FMSI) in Rome has sent samples to Barcelona for further verification, pending confirmation from the UCI. The tests would seek to prove, like in the case of Floyd Landis, whether there is evidence of synthetic testosterone.

This report raises lots of questions. Are these "non-negatives" T/E or CIR related? It is proper for a lab to outsource it's confirmation IRMS testing if they do not have the capability. Rome can do IRMS on it's own -- Dr. Botre, the director, is the "Independant Expert" for the Panel in the Landis case. Does this mean Rome's machines are down for maintenance like UCLA's were earlier this year?

Comments note this is, yet again, another breach of confidentiality policies. For better or worse, this one isn't from LNDD. That seems to implicate the UCI.

The latest edition of The CyclingNews has ASO President Patrice Clerc stating that all riders are under suspicion now referring to Alejandro Valverde who is allegedly part of the Operación Puerto, and that:

The 2006 Tour de France suffered dearly from the post-race news of Floyd Landis' positive result for testosterone and the winner of that edition remains in doubt. "What is clear it is that Floyd Landis did not win it, at least for the Tour organization. ... But the UCI has yet to remove his title, and I suppose that Landis is going to go to all the courts he can to defend himself."

The Straight Dope looks at PED testing, starting with Kicker Vencill, and isn't impressed. WARNING - links to

World of Estaka seems to think one of the Giro "non-negatives" is Iban Mayo.

Podium Cafe feels that
Mont Ventoux may not be the Tour de France predictor that those who follow the Dauphiné Libéré think it is. After all it is just a "long and winding road".

It's the Kitch! has had time to think about all that transpired during the Landis hearings in May, and he's figured out that Floyd will either be seen as a cheating bastard, or as someone who "got off".

Velogal took the time to write various political types about her concerns with the Floyd Landis situation. But, now her curiosity about USADA has been magnified by one congress person's response to her:

According to the USADA , it is "the independent anti-doping agency for Olympic related sport in the United States . It was created as the result of recommendations made by the United States Olympic Committee's Select Task Force on Externalization to uphold the Olympic ideal of fair play, and to represent the interests of Olympic, Pan American Games, and Paralympic athletes." The only governmental connection the USADA has is that the U.S. Congress has recognized USADA as "the official anti-doping agency for Olympic, Pan American and Paralympic sport in the United States ." The U.S. government, however, does not provide any funding for the USADA , nor does it have oversight power over this independent agency.

If you would like to send your comments to USADA directly, you may contact them through their website:

http:// .

Again, thanks for being in touch. If I may be of assistance to you or your family, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Zoe Lofgren
Member of Congress “

Tahoe World
revisits Megan Michelson's recent and somewhat embarrassing adventures at the 2007 Teva Mountain Games.

Rant gets a two-fer today, with a post that chops up the Giro leak and nails uninformed responses from letters to congressional representatives.

Dugard tried to call Floyd for some advice, and got no answer. We hope Landis is training on Palomar, and not at the Dunk. Our advice to Marty is the same thing he figured out on his own: to climb better, go on climbs, not fast cruises down the PCH. It's easy, as we learned during the hearing. You start on PCH and turn up almost any one of the canyon roads.

Inkling Markets provides food for thought to those believing in markets as a way of determining conventional wisdom. Floyd is rated 27% to keep his title, down $1.24 in recent trading.


Glendora said...

Let's see,
1) We are hearing about A sample testing without the B samples being completed. Violation of confidentiality.
2) Interesting that the Italians are sending the B samples to Spain for confirmation testing. This is good to change the venue. It might remove faulty equipment, procedures or protocols from "validating" sample As.
3) Sigh. "like in the case of FL... evidence of synethic testosterone". Again sigh.

Gary O'Brien said...

Wow. That's interesting that Zoe Lofgren doesn't consider a $7.5 million federal grant in 2005 as funding. It was only roughly 70% of their Revenue for 2005.

I guess you could forgive the Congressperson for not being able to find this valuable information since it is so cleverly hidden within the USADA Annual Report for 2005 under "Revenues, Grants and Other Support" in the "Statements of Activities" section. It's really hard to find. It took me a whopping 20 seconds and three clicks on the website. It will take you even less if you go here:

("Eightzero") said...

Well, at least Zoe got a response from her congressman. Mine never bothered to acknowledge.

Bob Thomas said...

I looked to check out funding and found it in the 2005 report at

I wrote to my senators and congressman. They all acknowledged that I had written via form letters.

LuckyLab said...

It's official. They named them. "Italians Alessandro Petacchi (Milram) and Leonardo Piepoli (Saunier Duval) and Spaniard Iban Mayo (Saunier Duval)" It's over at