Sunday, October 05, 2008

Irregular Report 28

Floyd Landis riding with the Flagstaff Biking Organization yesterday. The photo is from the FBO website.

Here and There

Flagstaff Biking Organization and others rode with Floyd Landis yesterday in a Smith and Nephew sponsored event.

Drunkcyclist provides the "snark'o'the week," which illustrates not everyone was happy to see Floyd come to Flagstaff yesterday. Could be worse, at least they spelled his name right on the road.

At Rant the conversation over the federal lawsuit filed last week by Floyd Landis continues.

Racejunkie advises "poor" Floyd Landis to think twice before taking on the forces at WADA. She thinks it's not the place to look for justice or honor.

Thought OP was finally dead? Think again. Here's the story in VeloNews.

The Boulder Report writes about Frank Schleck this morning and wonders if we should start leaving the past IN the past:

Frank Schleck probably wanted to go clear of the past; like everyone in a similar position, he probably hoped he would never be called out. He was, but he shouldn't have to pay for everyone else's sins anymore than (Ivan) Basso did, or Floyd Landis...

Poochiew reviews "Bigger, Stronger, Faster" which came out on DVD this past week. Note the "cast" list where Floyd "Landise's' name isn't spelled correctly. And you thought we were nitpicking above about spelling.

made it to Mt Diablo today, as a volunteer. The pictures he provides are lovely, but unfortunately there were some accidents on the mountain decent today. It's been a bad stretch for cyclists lately one way or another.

On a happier note, Bill Hue and wife, Laura Challoner were able to complete the Diablo Challenge as guests of the homebound TBV and Mrs. TBV. Bill had a PR for the ride (Average P0wer, Power over 1 hour, Power to weight ratio) , not just on the Challenge but all-time for any ride. Laura was kind enough to ride along with Bill until the very end (15% at least!).

Here are their stats:

647 (Out of 888 riders) Laura Challoner 4/18 F 50-59 1:25:48.1 7.55 MPH

649 (Out of 888 riders) Bill Hue 109/150 M 50-59 1:26:03.5 7.53MPH

Not bad for a couple of flatlanders who traveled to California to do their first uphill Time Trial and visit TBV.

And, way cool for Bill, who was initially advised last September to stop bike riding due to health concerns and who has worked hard in consultation with his cardiac physician, exercise physiologist and CTS training to use the bike as part of a coordinated plan to good health.

Official results are Bill #106/150 M 50-59; Laura #4/18 F 50-59, needing a 1:15:27 for a step on the podium.

TBV notes that looking at his power data in WKO+, Bill's peak 20:00 @ 259 was at the start, while his peak 30:00@ 247 ended at the summit, finishing with the peak 2:00 at 299w. That's a sign of good pacing, and finishing strong.


pommi said...

Congratulations to Bill and Laura for completing the ascent. If you received commemorative pins from a tall guy with a baseball cap backwards (like Floyd in Madrid), then at least I've had the honor of meeting you both.

bill hue said...

We saw you Pommi!!!! I rode Diablo 3 times in 4 days and Laura rode it twice in 3 days. Today was the best day! What a great ride and event!!!!

whareagle said...

Bill, congratulations and bravo on completing the epic. Kudos to your wife as well!

I may try to scoot out there next year, depending on Maszlo's list of hierarchies. Until then, I live vicariously! As the Greeks say "EPANO"! (Up)

daniel m (a/k/a Rant) said...

Bill and Laura,

Congrats on a great ride. Well done. Like whareagle, I'm shooting for next year...

And whareagle, well done on the reference to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Especially, given the way the market is tanking right now. Such things could definitely put a crimp in future plans.

m said...

Congrats also.

In other news Racejunkie notes Ricco's roomie Piepoli, and Stefan Schumacher have tested positive for CERA Epo in the TDF's followup bloodtests. Cyclingnews has picked this up also.

Glad they caught Piepoli.

Rosemary said...

Wow, congrats to all on the Diablo Challange. My husband wants to try it next year with our daughter on a tandem attachment. I was browsing through the photos linked on the official website and saw that there were a few tandem attachments, a kiddie trailer, as well as 3 UNICYCLES! Amazing!