Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Roundup

So far all is quiet on this Sunday morning and there seems little news to post. So, we'll pass on some pictures that Larry took yesterday at the ToC:


Unknown said...

Not particularly interesting, but it goes to the lack of respect shown to athletes wrt drug testing: (second story down) “Female inspector watches Quick Step riders shower”

If I were put in that situation at my age/experience, I would be inclined to turn the tables and attempt to cause as much embarrassment as possible to the female inspector. But that’s just me (and other like minded people).

If that were my son, or especially if that were my daughter, I would fully expect same sex inspectors and I’d raise serious hell if there wasn’t. The situation with Quick Step was simply unprofessional and unacceptable. It is another clear indication the current system is broken. It can’t be fixed without showing respect to the athletes’ most basic rights and reasonable expectations.

Stephanie Hammer said...

great pix!!!!!

Eightzero said...

If you're looking for amusement on a slow news day, look no further that McQuaid's comments about the exclusion of Astana:

"We will insist our regulations are adhered to. If we have even one dissident organizer in our realm, we have to insist that our rules our followed. The decision was not made with any justification. It was an arbitrary, subjective decision - a decision made for reasons other than sporting reasons."

Arbitrary decision making in pro cycling? No... really? *Shocking*

TiGirl said...

Where can I sign up for the job of "observing" pro male cyclists showering??? (sans the drug test part....) HA!!!

(sorry) (ok, not really)

Keep smilin'...