Friday, February 01, 2008

Larry's Curb Your Anticipation, Part 14: Quality Control

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By Commenter Larry

We conclude by observing that specific results are intended to be validated by quality control, a major topic in and of itself.


  • Are there rules in the ISL and in ISO 17025 that are addressed to determining the validity of a test result? Yes. There is at least one more concept under the ISL and ISO 17025 that we need to discuss: the concept of quality control. WADA labs are required to employ properly validated methods, but they are also required to use these methods correctly.

The concept of quality control is at least as complicated as the concept of method validation. It will require me to add a Part II to this article. It will probably take me longer to write that Part than it took me to write this one. Your friendly patience would be appreciated while your faithful (if somewhat overwhelmed and overmatched) author gears up for the effort to write Part II.

That's the end of this walk through method validation. We hope we've illuminated the important rules and regulations that ought to control the acceptance of the reliability of tests in the WADA system.

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