Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Roundup

Daily Digressions


It's the day of the showdown Tour of California Time Trial. Can Levi hold off V-for-Vabriskie (-0:21) and C-for-Cancellara (-0:13)?

Update: Yup.

The CyclingNews this morning posts comments by various members of Astana on recent wins and their exclusion from the Grand Tours this year. There is also an interesting juxtaposition of stories: one is about US Olympians bring their own meat to the party in China this summer due to worries about various contaminants in local products which could produce positive doping tests, and below it is a story on the first vegan cycling team which rides bamboo bikes.

WADA Watch is warming up for an an upcoming media workshop with five questions for WADA President John Fahey.

Caren named one of her cars after Axel Merckx, who she says was a hero to Floyd Landis, who she feels was framed.

HuffPost has an article by Gary Gaffney tamping down enthusiasts on both ends of discussions about steroids.

Slowtwitch offers a ToC tale about why it's good for spectators to bring their bikes.


Gary O'Brien said...

Interestingly, I was watching the TOC coverage on Versus last night and saw (first time for me) the Tachyon commercial. It features, right up front, a pretty long shot of the praying Landis and his cranking.

Gary O'Brien said...

Or at least it looks like him. I could be wrong. Can't imagine why they'd show anyone else from Phonak.

Cheryl from Maryland said...

Looked like it to me.

PS - Glad someone else besides me thinks DZ's moustache resembles a character out of fiction, although I thought the 3 musketeers.

beeble said...
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Gary O'Brien said...

I was getting more of this vibe from Dave Z.

Cheryl from Maryland said...

You know that Muppet's name is Floyd, right? The moustache brings power.