Saturday, February 02, 2008

Saturday Roundup

The CyclingNews says that Damiano Cunego was not exactly where he said he would be when doping testers came by for samples, he was still at dinner with teammates and fans. What will the UCI do? But more importantly, the cycling world is abuzz today with the news that Astana has been excluded from the list of teams chosen for the Giro, is this a portent of things to come?

The VeloNews details fears that 2007 Tour de France champion Alberto Contador may not get the chance to defend his title. His chances seem worse with the news that Astana and High Road, despite massive changes in the off season for both squads, did not get invited to participate in this year's Giro.

The Globe and Mail this morning reports on former WADA president Mr. Pound's continued lobbying to head the CAS, and has revealed that his name has been placed in nomination by the IOC along with that of Robert Briner. The article mistakenly states that the CAS has already ruled in the Landis case, unless they know something we don't know. Pound's possible appointment to head the CAS could obviously have far reaching effects:
The new president will control the appointment of arbitrators who rule on disputes. That could be bad news for those trying to get off doping violations. Pound's reputation there is that he aggressively tries to clean up sport and doesn't buy excuses.

Bad news for those trying to "get off" doping violations? It could be bad news for those looking for real justice from a system that is in great need of reform.


Gino digresses a bit when he tells us he got a great deal on a Look frame, the same one Tyler Hamilton used, though the bike can't be blamed for that.

CFA runs through some of the week's cycling news, including a bit about John Lelangue.

Jeff "spoofs" that Jessica Biel's "enhanced" rear must be a result of doping and says that SAG will ban her, like the sporting world did Floyd Landis among others. It's a stretch

Ick's Corner compares the doping situation between the NFL and Cycling, and finds the NFL looking lame.


("Eightzero") said...

So no Team High Road (ex-TMobile) and no team Astana (ex-Astana) in the Giro. Even though both teams are under new management to "clean up" both are excluded because of past indiscretions. If I was a sponsor, I sure would be worried. Looks to me like RCS is punishing the sponsors now.