Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Roundup

The San Jose Mercury News snarks the opinion that Roger Clemens' case should be judged by a "jury of his peers", and the author includes Floyd Landis among those he deems a "jury".

The CyclingNews writes that Pat McQuaid of the UCI is appalled at the ASO's decision to exclude Astana from all of its event this year. McQuaid sees it as an attempt to please France and French cycling fans. As for OP McQuaid is all for the reopening of that case. And in separate Tour of California news yesterday's machinations between AEG and Rock Racing are recapped, along with other ToC quotes and news.

The Sac Bee commends the ToC and AEG for their attempts to restore cycling's image in these dark days of past doping scandal publicity.

The Grauniad (UK) has an interesting interview with ex-foot sprinter Linford Christie, complete with squirming sponsor PR person.

But does he really believe people don't care about the apparently wide and persistent use of banned substances in his sport? Does he think they don't care about cheating any more? Does he not have a view on Chambers, who was once a friend and is now an unavoidable leper in his sport because administrators cannot technically ignore him since he has done his time for drugs use?

'Listen,' he says, 'It doesn't matter whether it's right or wrong [picking Chambers for the World Indoor Championships]. People just want to come and watch the athletics. The quickest from A to B is a straight line. That's what people come to watch. I just care about me. I'm in my lane. I don't care what's in the lane beside me.'

The awful import of what he is saying is that he might be right. Perhaps people are as cynical as he is. We're just in our own little lanes, eyes straight ahead. What's the point? Just 'move on', he says. Which is exactly what the nice woman from Puma wants us to do.

Racejunkie says we're off to the races already this year with yesterday's Michael Ball vs AEG throw down spectacle, which AEG handily won. RJ wonders if Landis lawyer Maurice Suh shouldn't find more suitable clients to hang around with in public, in light of the fact that Floyd's CAS hearing comes up in a month's time, ick! OK, now it's off to the real races!

Rhys Spencer
thinks dopers suck, and he considers Floyd Landis as one of them. BUT he also feels that Floyd has been unfairly treated.

Rant suggests that the "rules" by which AEG has determined who can and can't race in the ToC may be something the unscrupulous out there can manipulate.

Fathom Harvill finally got into the Leadville 100, and is taking some inspiration from Positively False.

Stanford Cycling is abuzz over The Best Ride Ever:
Yeah, just a normal day out riding ... except we saw Floyd Landis attack the Spectrum ride, George Hincapie cowering in fear as cat 5's swarmed around him, and spun home escorting Mario Cipollini, Santiago Botero, and Oscar Sevilla back to their hotel. Damn.

Here are some pictures, Mario eschewing the helmet.


Michael said...

Am I crazy, from the Velonews article (and a couple others):

Although Ball received letters from the riders' national federations of Colombia, USA and Spain confirming that the three riders were not involved in any open investigations, Messick clarified by stating the UCI's direct confirmation was enough to exclude the riders from starting. "The letters are irrelevant, and whether the athlete is eligible to race in UCI races has no bearing on what all seventeen teams agreed to about the eligibility of riders for this race. Every team agreed that no riders who were under an open investigation would participate; it's different from UCI eligibility. Every team agreed the UCI and USA Cycling would tell us about any riders who are currently under investigation and that is the criterion and the basis – that's the rule."

Ball has letters from the UCI (McQuad and Gripper confirms) that the riders aren't under any investigation. Heck, Gripper sent a letter to the Spanish federation stating that Sevilla could ride. If not federation and the UCI all state that Ball's riders aren't under investigation...HOW CAN THERE BE AN OPEN INVESTIGATION???

I'm dumbfounded...and pissed that the lead organizations don't play by any rules.

Whareagle said...

I think it's ripe for a lawsuit, and honestly, we really DO need a new governing body. Heck, Les Earnest LIVES in Stanford. Maybe he'll add some thoughts to his website or forum....

Emily said...

thanks for the mention! keep up the good work guys.