Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Apologies unlikely, but happen sometimes dept

A while back on DPF, there was a caustic thread in which LA Times reporter Michael Hiltzik was accused of using a shill account in the discussion to support his opinion, followed by more personal attacks.

It turns out that one of the identities whom Hiltzik was accussed of adopting emailed TBV today about something else. When asked, he expressed shock and dismay about the brouhaha that had developed about his post. He forwards a message where one of the accusers demanded that he admit he was Hiltzik. He isn't, lives somewhere else entirely, and said so.

I doubt Hiltzik is getting any apologies from his rabid accusers.

[update: apologies were made in the right places on 15-Mar]


Daniel said...

Forgive me if I indulge in my 15 seconds of fame...

I should probably be apologize to MH for not clearing up the situation for his DPF accusers -who I should thank for finding my posts to Free Floyd Landis back in July '06! I had fun rereading them, naive as they are. Perhaps I should remain on the sidelines.

Anti-doping fever must be blinding, as if the alternative situation -that there is a person out there that connects with the angle MH uses in this particular investigation, and hopes that it becomes more popular, is not more likely.

Daniel Peterson (aka blackmingo)