Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Roundup

News's Carlton Reid cites a Cycling Weekly interview of Pat McQuaid which Reid faults for lack of journalistic balance. Included in the coverage is a youtube interview with McQuaid.

The IMBA (International Mountain Biking Association) releases a short report on last week's National Bike Summit noting that Floyd Landis was a suprise speaker.

Cody Stevenson is keeping a rider diary for the Cyclingnews and notes that in the midst of a busy schedule he managed to get a ride in with Floyd Landis at some point.

CrystelZENmud points out that Lance Armstrong and Floyd Landis have something else in common besides having been Posties together. Zen also thinks that crusader Dick Pound and the CAS may not necessarily be the right fit.

Rant points to a story stating that WADA has asked for a role in any renewal of the investigation into Operation Puerto. WADA also states that a non analytical violation would also be subject to sanctions which could open a potential Pandora's box of confusion and suspicion. Though there is no real Landis content, this action could be important on many fronts.

Floyd Landis is the Man (FLITM) is announcing the impending return of the Free Floyd as Che T shirts, which had been suspended by Cafepress for licensing concerns.

The Social Commentaries of Johnny Commander has a really long list of people/things he can live without. Spandex bike kits, and anyone who wears one, are on the list and that includes Floyd Landis. Put this one down for 'snark of the day" consideration.

At, a blogger offers, I think, a new explanation for Landis' aggression on S17: He was still drunk. Some snips of the challenging Babelfish Translation:

In games that we have played whereas we were no longer incredible sloshed, but in which the tomcat and the drang not yet had to be struck just as and lie, were we frequently enormous aggressive, [...]

We put therefore for that the blood of Mr Landis also still just as are checked on the blood alcohol level and if that is so high that it explains the raised testosteronspiegel one can explain us also just as how it comes that he underway the impression did not make or stomdronken to be, or stooped under a tomcat to go. [...]

[...] Tevens we have fallen immediate after reaching our destination in sleep with our face in a bord rise (we fell firstly in sleep and afterwards ended up our face in the rijst, thought we, although we have not experienced the incident consciously).

I think that explains it all.


At DPF, Duckstrap and You3 have tag teamed to come up with a detailed examination of some possible contamination that causes problems with the IRMS/CIR measurements. These are issues that might be resolved by the data files requested in discovery, and by Dr deBoer at the time of the B sample test, way back in August.


Anonymous said...

From McQuaids quote in the Article regarding the positive B sample, "And remember, for the ‘B’ sample, Floyd had an expert there the whole time. His expert watched the whole procedure for the ‘B’ sample. But it’s not for me to judge, it’s the hands of somebody else.”

Is he trying to infer that the Landis expert should have interjected during the analysis of the B sample? Was it not Landis' representatives responsibility to only observe? Is it the responsibility of this observer to correct the lab as they are making mistakes? Why would this observer interject if he noticed a mistake if it may not be in the best interest of his client? I wouldn't I'd let the mistake happen and write them down as I noticed it. I look at it like a health inspector going into the restaurant to do an inspection. The Inspector will let you make the mistake and bust your chops after the fact because you should have known better. McQuaid is a babbling idiot doing a bad job of CYA as the article shows.

Atown, Tx.

Michael said...

I think Phil Ligget should be nominated by the riders to run the UCI!!

McQuaid isn't much better than Pound when it comes to saying things to protect 'his' sport.