Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tuesday Roundup

The Chicago Sun Times posts a story about hip resurfacing and spoke with Floyd Landis about his procedure last week while he was on his book tour there. Unfortunately, Floyd, though doing very well since his surgery, still can't dance.

NPR/KPPC interview (realaudio here) with Landis today is generating heat on DPF. The LeMond flap is not cooling, but seems to be heating up. Paraphrase in a separate post.

Rant looks at yesterday's USADA/ACSM pledge, and sees more posturing, dubious medical ethics, things doctors shouldn't agree to, and notes something they clearly didn't agree to.

Wildernessvoice is disappointed with this year's crop of Americans at the Tour de France, they can't compare with Floyd Landis, or Lance Armstrong.

Sports News Watch
also feels a bit let down by this year's Tour.

PelotonJim tells us there was no bombshell announcement on the first rest day of the Tour this year. The smoke is still black.

A Pudge is a Sandwich is hoping Lance kicks Landis' butt in Leadville.

Fanhouse wonders why Saint Lance is associating with Dirty Doper Landis at Leadville.

Inside Google has video of a Landis appearance last Friday at their place in the Valley. Haven't watched.

Junto Boyz takes a cue from Ken Griffey Jr. as a reason to bash Bonds, Sosa, Lance and Landis.

DrunkCyclist returns to The Instant Message and insists the truth is out there.

North American Flyers, who is really in Sweden, does some analysis of the case based on a background in the sport and physiotherapy, and has a suspect: Mr. Pound.

I have neither the time nor the liberty to go through everything that I know about the science of this case, but I hate what Dick Pound has done to WADA, the practice and reputation of drug testing science, the Tour de France and to cycling, and I hope that he and his cronies end up fired and disgraced for it. The strange thing about it is that I am not on Floyd’s side because I am an American or because I am a fan of his (I wanted Bobby Julich to get on the podium last year.) I’m still not even sure that Floyd or anybody else is clean. For all I know they might all be dopers! What I do know is that Dick Pound’s witch hunt hasn’t come close to proving that Floyd took testosterone, and the fact that the media has been more interested in going after the quick and easy sound bite rather than going after the truth has made this whole situation much, much worse than it needed to be. We as consumers of information deserve a higher standard of reporting.


Unknown said...

I don't think sports news watch has any reason to feel a bit let down, an open race like this, hopefully to remain free of any drug scandal, the tour seems to becoming to be a very interesting and worthy spectacle.