Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday Roundup

The St Petersburgh Times' Jim Verhulst is following Lance Armstrong in Iowa this morning on a cancer awareness raising ride, and is following the Tour de France only with his head due to the doping scandals that have plagued it. He feels that on top of all that we may never know what really happened in the Landis affair:

And until Floyd Landis got caught up in the latest doping scandal, he too was fascinating. Raised Mennonite, he used bicycling as a means of escape as a kid. Improbably, he rode away from all of the competition on one stage last year in one of the greatest one-day performances ever. To top it off, he did it on a bad hip that made him limp. He put off hip surgery until he completed one of the hardest athletic events in the world. What a story. Until the drug scandal.

Now he may be the first winner ever stripped of his title for doping. But goof-ups by the testing lab and horrible missteps in his own camp mean that no matter the outcome of the case, there will be no resolution. If he wins, people will say he got away with doping. If he loses, people will say he was railroaded. In the end, we'll never really know.

Rant, with due credit to Jeff Foxworthy, says you might be a doper if...

Troy's Thoughts on Sports gives us five reasons why he took a hiatus from sports coverage and all the aggravation that goes with watching it. He has been reading sports stories instead. He has stayed away from for a day and is surprised that ESPN has not dumped on Floyd Landis more, and wonders why, as far as he knows, ESPN isn't covering the TdF much and if there even IS a Tour de France this year.

You Can't Say That
snarks on the way Lance phrased something about Landis -- and adds another.

Guy With Pink Bike thinks Landis is OK, because he says "hi" going by on a training ride.