Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday Roundup

With polygraph "lie detectors" back in the discussion soup, an emailer sends us a pointer to a New Yorker article that explains why their use is problematic.


The SacBee previews Floyd Landis's upcoming appearance at the Borders in Sacramento,CA tonight at 7 saying that though many people may feel the "very tainted" Landis is a cheater, others believe in his innocence and in the fact that getting treated fairly in the current anti-doping system is difficult. Obviously the court of public opinion is still important to Landis who seems to enjoy the book tour promoting "Positively False":

"We've had several hundred people come to each signing," Landis said. "It's fun for me to go and answer questions because I'm interested in what people want to know over and beyond what's in the book."

The CyclingNews Letters this week have none directly about Floyd Landis, but Mike B from San Diego has an interesting perspective on WADA and its' procedures, and has some suggestions.

The Bob Rivers Show featured Floyd Landis yesterday before his book tour stop in Seattle, Washington and provides audio of the interview.

The Leadville Chronicle says Lance Armstrong will do the Leadville 100 later this summer, setting up a Landis vs Armstrong showdown. Lance couldn't have picked a better opportunity, with Landis doing a book tour instead of hard training.

Jim Caple of ESPN went for a ride with Landis in Seattle, and did a clipless fallover. This is what Landis is doing instead of training for Leadville.

Bicycling has Chris Carmichael wondering will he or won't he? Lance liked what he saw at Leadville, but will he race against Floyd Landis?

The Seattle Post Intellegncer's
headline says it all about Floyd Landis, "Hero or Cheat"?, though the writer makes it clear on what side of that question he comes down on. He describes cycling as hopelessly dirty, and wonders why the fans who showed up in Seattle at the book signing event there didn't ask tough questions , or chide Landis. Video is posted of two of the more contentious questions posed.

Gene Bisbee was present at the Seattle book signing last night and Floyd Landis was heartened by the very warm welcome he received there. Floyd answered questions from the 500 or so people there who gave him an extended standing ovation when he entered the room. Gene provides many of the more intriguing Q&As.

The Garbes Variation met Floyd Landis last night at the Seattle book signing stop on the "Positively False" tour and was impressed by Floyd's demeanor and willingness to answer questions for an hour and then sign books for many people. He believes Floyd may be innocent, but also questions exactly what constitutes "performance enhancement".

Elvis (Kennedy) was in the house for the Floyd Landis book signing in Wheaton, IL. earlier this week. He seemed a bit surprised at the type of person who showed up at the event, and provides a podcast of Floyd's remarks and the Q&A. The tone of his comments makes one wonder why he invested the time and bought a copy of the book:
The quiet time offered me an opportunity to reflect on last's night's trip to Wheaton, IL to hear doper Floyd Landis speak at a book signing. Cycling buddy Darin and I went to Border's Books to listen as Landis was scheduled to give a 15 minute soliloquy and then answers some questions. After receiving an uncalled for standing ovation upon entering the room Landis decided to get right to the questions. He seemed a bit uncomfortable in front of a microphone and I suspect that there never was any serious consideration given to preparing any kind of speech. Besides, what would he say? It's much easier just to answer softball questions from an adoring audience. Evidently Landis' public relations blitz these past few months had worked as the too loud and too long ovation is a result of people buying into Landis' the-world-is-out-to-get-me song and dance. The audience clearly felt sorry for Landis. Cheering for a person you perceive to be an underdog is a part of human nature. It feels good to stick it to The Man even if you don't understand who The Man is and what he might have done.

Jason Macemore notes the recent Floyd Landis appearance on NPR's Talk of the Nation.

Pommi previews the next TdF stage, and also cites the Friday the 13th as this week's rumored day the Landis verdict will come down. He also dragged TBV out and on a noon ride yesterday, providing a welcome tow into the headwind both directions on the out-and-back. tells a second hand story from last fall's El Tour de Tuscon where Floyd Landis, at a party the night before the race, seemed more interested in the music choices than in the RideClean Project. The author also presented RideClean swag to Gord Fraser, a former teammate of Landis', and who called into this week's NPR interview with Floyd. Fraser also seemed disinterested. After hearing Floyd on NPR this week the writer wonders why Landis does not promote clean riding more and only emphasizes the testing procedures and unfairness of his own case. Funny how everyone has his own agenda.

Amgen Cycling Club is drumming up interest in the Sunday Thousand Oaks signing.

Bike Nerd
was at the "Positively False" book signing in Seattle last night and has obviously conflicted feelings about Floyd Landis.

Travis went to the Seattle signing, but was put off by the actual, smelly, spandex-wearing cyclists present.

Scatterbox also went, and has changed his mind from "of course he's guilty." But he admits he's easily convinced.

UC Riverside flaks signing appearance there on Thursday.

Angry Fan
has been following the tour for years, but is losing the taste. He doesn't think the Powers-that-be are serious about anything but posturing.

Podium Cafe is jealous of ESPN/Capel's ride.

Endless Cycle spent yet another lonley day in the Square waiting for a decision that has apparently not come and which casts a continuing pall over the "spectacle" that is the TdF.

lanadarlene, took the plunge to become a blogging "newbie" and is a bit apprehensive about posting her life on the web. But on Monday , along with Naomi, she got to meet champion Floyd Landis who impressed her as genuine and believable, not to mention very cute.

Lij was happy she got the last question on Landis' Talk of the Nation appearance.

Bob's Web Blog was running errands on his bike yesterday when he noticed a rider who closely resembled Floyd Landis and Bob, who doesn't speak to celebrities, thinks it WAS Floyd Landis.


pcrosby said...

The letter in cycling news has one element that I had not seen suggested before: that each set of test samples contain a known positive and a known negative to be tested as part of the batch. A lab's failure to properly identify those controls would void the tests on the actual samples. According to the author that is the procedure followed by the military.

Makes a lot of sense. I think that a crucial element of that requirement is the establishment of the appropriate error range (+/-) for tests and the preparation of the control samples at that range.
Pete Crosby