Saturday, July 28, 2007

DS says not Soler

La Gazzetta dello Sport, repeating a report from Italian news agency AGR:

Following revelations by the French newspaper La Provence of a third positive result among riders tested after the 14th stage of the Tour de France, the DS of Barloworld, Alberto Volpi, denied that the athlete in question was Colombian Juan Mauricio Soler, as had been reported by several news agencies. "First of all, Soler was never picked for testing on any day since his victory in Briancon, and further, we have not received any notification. It is absolutely evident, therefore, that the case in question cannot be Soler, " Volpi said to AGR. "We are absolutely easy about this. It's just someone trying to take advantage. "


wschart said...

Letour.fe, which has updated the table of standings per results of today's TT, still has Soler listed in dots. So it seems a pretty good bet that what Volpi is saying is true. Once again, the press stirs things up.