Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Late Roundup

Previous news in the Early Friday Roundup.

The New Republic says fans want cyclists to dope. says Soler, currently in polka-dots, has tested positive and will be tossed. Unconfirmed.

AP via SI confirms Suh is working for Vino, no answer from Jacobs office.

Youtube/ has Landis at Corte Madera signing talks about discouraging cheating. This is now a few weeks old.

Renaissance Ruminations blasts "end the tour" crazy talk by hypocritical media.

Rise Up O Men of God runs New Republic piece.

PJ was waiting for Lemond to pile on, and was not disappointed.

Aktif Blog swipes the words right from PJ's mouth.

Webs hears of Suh and Jacobs looking at Vino's case, and snarks:

In related news, Major League Baseball has hired Rick Ankiel to teach control to young pitchers and Darryl Strawberry to head up the "Stay away from hookers who are actually guys" department.

Freakonomics raises the question about legalizing doping (an economic libertarian argument), and carries an answer by Boulder Report's Joe Lindsey, who notes:
Simply put, wherever you draw the line, something, some technique or substance, will always be off-limits. And so you’ve merely moved the line, not erased it.

Which is actually an argument Landis has used. If there's rules, breaking them is cheating.

Jo Swift goes all Marxist, quoting from Socialist Review, and says blaming the riders is part of their historical long term exploitation.


Sachi said...

Cycling News also reports that one of the jersey holders has supposedly tested positive after the stage to the Plateau de Beille, and that the Tour officials will hold an announcement tomorrow about it.

I truly hope it is not true.

Sachi Wilson