Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday Roundup

The Marin Independent Journal covered last night's stop on the "Positively False" tour at The Book Passage in Corte Madera, CA. The largely supportive crowd laughed at Floyd's jokes, asked him wide ranging questions and gave him an extended standing ovation which he found slightly embarrassing.

TBV went to the signing, and got an honest count of at least 200 and possibly 250, based on a real count of seats when they were empty. The store was filled, but there wasn't that much standing room beyond the seating area. Nice place, serving wine and beer, and quite a number of the audience were sipping from stemware while waiting. During the signing, Floyd was fortified by a welcome brew. The last signing of the night was an 8 or 10 year old who brought his 5 speed dirt bike, that got signed "To B". This prompted a discussion of first bikes, and early bikes, and what brakes they had. Landis said one of his had coaster brakes, which, he said, "teaches you not to use them". He'd beat a friend who had hand grip brakes, "because he used them."

Landis spent the day doing various interviews, and will be replayed on Sports Byline. The host was in the audience, and said Mr. Pound would be on Monday, Jul 16, and asked if Landis would like a repeat appearance. "If he's in the studio, I'll be there," said Landis, eyes wide. Told it would be a call in, he still offered to show up, but suggested Mr. Pound might back out.

Floyd is not sounding confident about Leadville, musing he might be riding for a buckle rather than a high placing. No wonder Lance decided to opt back in.

The Seattle Times' Jerry Brewer seemed determined to NOT believe in Floyd Landis' innocence when he went to the book tour stop in Seattle a couple of days ago, but he found himself charmed and somewhat convinced by Floyd's disarming appeal and seemingly honest manner.

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette gives a reader honorable mention in a caption contest in which the Floyd Landis case was used to get a laugh.

We came upon KNBR radio interview with Landis from July 2nd; haven't listened.

John the Pharmacist lists ten things he hates about sports, and the doping allegations against Floyd Landis got a mention, though it did not make the official list.

Folie a Go-Go thinks that cycling is drowning in doping scandals, even though she admits that Floyd Landis seems to be committed to clearing his name.

Pix724 notes the Chicago leg of the Floyd Landis book tour last week. Parking seems to be a problem in parts of Chicago.

Yardbarker yips about the upcoming possible showdown between Lance Armstrong and Floyd Landis at the Leadville 100 later this summer.

Charlie Farrow's Amateur Bike Racing Website is defines empathy, but finds he has little to spare for Floyd Landis, though he is trying.

Whole Sight reviews a book about something else and drags Landis in as an example of someone who lies and keeps lying.


Ken ( said...

The Seattle Times article is good reading and is really humorous.

nahual said...

Just got out of church and was wondering if Loss Wages has a betting line on LANDIS V USADA.

I've got a few $$$ that could help fatten up my wallet with some good odds. Using my higher math skills it seems there are 4 optional outcomes. 3-0 for 2-1 for and their opposites.

Anybody know a bookie in the Northwest? Or an online service?

cat2bike said...

I just sent Jerry Brewer at the Seattle Times a gooey, feel-good email, about his article.
It is good.

Michael said...

I've been sending emails to the authors of any articles posted on TBV that I believe are fairly presented. I also ask the authors to do a more in depth article after reading the arbitration testimoneys.

I'm hoping at least one does...

nahual said...

Did I say all my winnings would go to the Floyd Landis Fairness Fund?

Now I'm thinkin' (maybe haven't cut back on that Cabernet Sauvignon enough) that we should all invest $100 bucks or so in some Vanguard no load fund and give up the profits? to the Floyd Fairness Fund when this is all over. Sweet irony when he wins and let USADA's devious methods serve to teach 'em a lesson.

On the bright side, we started harvesting our garlic today. The popcorn is over 5 feet high and doin' well........... hope the same for you strbuk et al.

that word verification is gettin' more difficult later in the evening......what dat 'bout dat?