Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The special overnight report

Hidden cameras caught officials scurrying in the dark after the reports of Vinokourev positives. Thoroughly appalled by the turn of their work, and are trying to resurrect the reputation of their event and sport, which has taken a beating.


"What a disgusting job! We need to put these dopers behind bars!"

"It could be worse..."

"How? Vino was a favorite who won two stages!"

"It could be raining."

Later, additional test results and travel information arrived.

Cristian Moreni departs the Cofidis hotel.

Followed by Rasmussen from Rabobank's

The police were brought in to investigate.

"Together, we have a grip on the situation."

"We're sure you can use LNDD test results in criminal prosecutions. Nothing could possibly be wrong with them."

Who is next?

"Perhaps you would like a cup of cocoa? A full confession?"

"Why yes, that would be nice."

(Humor is in short supply at the moment. We'll be here all week.)


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..ask and ye shall receive...

Halverde said...

Is this one of those "snark" things you keep referring to? It'll probably be a good idea to restrain your sarcastic hooting at the next time somebody mocks Floyd if this is the best you can manage yourself.