Saturday, July 21, 2007

Saturday Roundup

OhmyNews International tells us that we should not idolize drug using athletes, and gives us a list of the usual suspects with a twist of LeMond for good measure.

Slam News Columnist
imagines Bonds has called Landis for advice.

prints a Swiss mock obit for professional cycling.

Rant presents the "gift" that keeps on giving, doping allegations in cycling, and Michael Rasmussen is the latest Tour de France competitor about whom rumors are swirling.In Rant part 2 today courtesy inspiration from of ELP he welcomes us to the "Big Top" because surely the Tour de France is one big circus

is really sick of all the doping stories in cycling, and gives us a list to show us why.

The Boulder Report
writes about the Rasmussen mess at this year's Tour de France, and mentions that his alleged infraction ( EPO usage) is much worse than what Floyd Landis was "caught" for.

Not sure where from, but here's YouTube video of Landis saying BHR, CycleOps and Giro have been smart sponsors, with Oakley as a wait-and-see.

Charitable Endeavors is sick of people attacking cycling, citing Rasmussen's travails this week. He still doesn't think Landis is guilty.


nahual said...

The Boulder Report names "Richards" in the story. Are we supposed to know who that is? Has "the one formerly known as Prince" taken a new identity?

I'm spinnin' my wheels here........

daniel m (a/k/a Rant) said...


"Richards" is Whitney Richards, the former mountain biker who claims Michael Rasmussen asked him to carry a box that Richards claims was filled with doping products into Italy. His story is that when he discovered what was in the box, he flushed it down the toilet.

It's a variation on other stories of flushing blood or blood products down the drain.

Can't be sure if it's true, because there's no evidence to back Richards up, other than a friend who corroborates his account. Other than that there are no pictures, no police report, nothing, nada, zip, zilch, zero.

Which, of course, makes it another one of those he said/he said kinds of stories that can never be proved one way or the other.

Thus proving that if you want to smear a pro cyclist's name, all you have to do is tell a somewhat believable story. Is Richards telling the truth? Ultimately only he, his friend and Michael Rasmussen knows for sure.

- Rant

Ken ( said...

Thus since these stories can't be proved they must be disregarded. There is too much incentive to falsely accuse other athletes. Besides if he was given banned substances to transport, why didn't he go to the police. Presumably they would have had Rasmussen's fingerprints all over them.

The story does not sound credible.

Glendora said...


The YouTube Video of the "smart" sponsors BHR, Cycleops and Giro is from the Pasadena Book Signing at the Borders on Lake Avenue.

pensum said...

I must respectfully disagree with Ken, as reading Richards' account left me with the impression his story was very credible.

But woe to the Tour organizers as it looks likely that they are going to be stuck with Rasmussen and the cloud hanging over him winning the Tour -- must be their worst nightmare.