Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tuesday Roundup

The New York Sun has cyclists dazed and confused in the wake of the many drug scandals which seem to now define cycling. There is no real clear cut favorite to win the Tour de France this year, and the author already has Floyd Landis losing his arb decision before it's been rendered. He also serves us an obligatory Jack Daniels snark as he gives some sage advice to this year's Tour contenders.

Bicycling's Bill Strickland wants to hear nothing about drug scandals, doping testimony, bitter ex-champions, or Floyd Landis, he merely wants to root for the yellow jersey in the Tour de France.

ESPN's Page 2 also throws some whiskey on the fire when it writes about the upcoming Tour de France.

Adventure Junkie also notes the possibility that lance Armstrong may yet race against Floyd Landis in this summer's Leadville 100.

DCist About Tonight notes that "controversial" cyclist Floyd Landis was in town to promote "Positively False".

Rant is dazed and confused about the NY Sun article's sources of information posted above.

Finger Food has finally put his "weekend of Landis" to bed with assorted interesting links and commentary. He puts forth a few choice words on how Floyd would have tested negative in baseball or football, and Barry Bonds would have been long since banned from cycling. And so it goes.

Paul and Arlene Landis head home from the Picnic on Sunday, following the "ride with Floyd"
(Photo: Mark Kirsch)

Go Clipless extrapolates that Lance Armstrong may be riding the Leadville 100 against former teammate Floyd Landis this summer after all. We'll see.

Not Another Dumb Blonde
works at the Barnes and Noble that hosted the Lancaster signing, and files a report and reaction to Positively False.

Peloton Jim
has revived the Pope Watch metaphor while waiting for the Arb's decision.

David Morrison says "Bleah" to Landis and Outside Magazine, and bring on the race.


Joshua said...
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Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

The blog post by "Not Another Dumb Blonde" was really interesting reading. If you haven't read it already, I'd recommend reading it, the post will be worth your time.

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

My last blog post on CoC issues has been getting a series of really thoughtful questions by an individual. While I am trying to answer the questions to the best of my abilities I think the poster's questions would benefit from a broader prospective and their last questions might even benefit from Judge Hue's legal prospective if he would be so kind as to provide it.

I'd really like to fully answer the commenter's questions but am also concerned about going too far out on a limb based on my knowledge of this topic. Any assistance from those who have closely researched this case would be greatly appreciated.

5-iron said...

A few thoughts....

I wish I would have paid attention the days they taught mass spec and gc in my organic chemistry classes/labs.

When 'snark' becomes part of your daily language, does that mean you have become addicted (obsessed?) to the TBV blog?

After watching the TdF clip on Finger Food's blog, I am really excited for the race to begin, because cycling is awesome.


cat2bike said...

I agree Ken; I left "not another dumb blonde" a comment, she did a great job!

Plus, Lance must've decided since Floyd didn't do well in the Teva games; that Lance can "show Floyd up in Leadville". I really feel that Lance was "wussing out"!!!