Saturday, September 23, 2006

Saturday Roundup

McQuaid calls for Pound's removal, according to AFP:

World cycling chief Pat McQuaid called for World Anti Doping Agency president Dick Pound to be replaced for his "consistent but unjustified" attacks on cycling.

The article continues,
Irishman McQuaid added that he had adressed a letter to members of WADA, which was created in the wake of the Festina doping scandal at the drugs-tainted Tour de France in 1998, detailing his views on Pound.
which is exactly what you'd do if you were serious about it, based on what we learned earlier this week about who is Mr. Pound's boss.

AP Coverage of ADRB decision via PhillyBurbs, nothing new.
BBC report, ditto.

Steve's Peeves covers, plugs TBV, pans Pound, trusts Floyd with tantalyzing back story, and still sounds credible.

Rant discusses the timing of the announcement, and thinks it works out good for Floyd.

BikingBis covers, plugs TBV. Says ADRB "phoned it in."

New to us blog discusses PR use of various excuses, like the "race card", the "I'm persecuted card", with reference to Landis.

In, some confusion and disbelief the FAX is all there is.

At Daily Peloton forums, an un-linked interview with Lefevere is quoted,
Knack: So if this happened now you would have fired Museeuw?

Lefevere: I wouldn't have any other choice. [...] I need to make strong statements and take radical decisions, because cycling's name has been tainted too often already. Even if some people don't seem to realize that I say those things in my capacity as president of the association of ProTour teams, not as Patrick Lefevere. I got a call from Floyd Landis, complaining rather loudly that some things I said were way out of line. (note: Lefevere was extremely critical of Landis following his positive) I told him: 'I was speaking as the president of the PT teams, and I know how much you damaged the sport.'

Landis raged on about how they're all doping, including riders of my team. I told him 'then tell me who you're talking about, it spares me the search'. Then he calmed down, he must have realized he was exaggerating and that it was up for him anyway. So he asked me if there was anything left he could do. I told him: call all riders, get them together, and persuade them to stop the charade'.
The veracity of this account should be taken with large doses of salt, especially Lefevere's interpretation of Landis' state of mind. It will be interesting to see if Landis is asked about or responds in any way to the implied confession Lefevere says he made in this phone conversation.