Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday Roundup

Quote of the Day

Litigation: A machine which you go into as a pig and come out of as a sausage.

- Ambrose Bierce


The hip operation went well, Floyd is back home this morning. Velonews gets the prize for first report. Initial rehab estimated at 6 weeks, two weeks until he can ride a trainer. Excellent prospects for a return to defend the Tour, except for that other business. Reposted on floydlandisfans. has a press release. Comments open, but rumour says the moderator is on vacation until Oct. 2nd, so don't expect many to become visible.
AP and Reuters via Yahoo.
Most distant coverage award to the People's Daily.

SundayTimes thinks 2007 tour could have Floyd, Ivan and Jan. Possibly all on different teams than each was on this year. The media blender would go crazy in the run-up for that.

Pez's Eurotrash promises news, but reruns the FL press release from last week. As I write at 5:39, Pez's article is slugged 6:42, which shows them to be using USADA time.
Florida Sports also does a rehash.

Howard Jacobs on CompetitorRadio podcast on Sep 24; haven't heard myself yet.

Dugard dismantles Clerc's pronouncement of yesterday, encourages Floyd to go to the 2007 Tour presentation in October as the Champion. That'll go over! Plugs TBV, continued grovelled thanks.
Rant blasts Clerc, and examines the implications of yesterday's "whiteout" rumour.
Velogal's post on Clerc that got Rant to spool up. She's new to me, thoughI guess I'd read some PGGB last year on CyclingNews.

SuperFrenchie does an excellent job putting French "anti-Americanism" in context. This should be a reminder that it doesn't appear to be the French nation, or the French people at issue, but individuals at a particular laboratory.

RaceJunkie thinks Floyd should replace his legal team (without explaining why), and touches on all the other cases. Basically, he thinks riders are getting jobbed, and everyone else is let off the hook. What else is new.

Frank in Illinois writes:
I am reading Michael Barry’s book (”Inside the Postal Bus”) and on page 88 he relates a story of a random drug test in Canada where he and three other riders were told by the person testing them that “they would nail us all eventually”.

This demonstrates that the attitude of the UCI is that all cyclists dope and it is just a matter of catching them.