Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday Roundup

So far, nothing, and I'm going for a ride with the kids.

Back from a ride, no Landis news to report. The son pictured up top signalling Floyd learned how to be a wheel sucker today as I towed him back home, so his skills are, um, improving.


Anonymous said...

I am no scientist, so I hope that someone can explain certain aspects of the Floyd Landis case to me in terms that a layman like myself can understand. Here is my question; Is it scientifically possible for the human body to process and eliminate the amount of testosterone supposedly taken by Landis. In other words on the day of stage 15 Landis would have been tested as the new yellow jersey holder and his T/E ratio presumably was below the "legal" limit of 4:1 as he was NOT deemed positive that day. Allegedly before stage 17 Landis then took enough synthetic testosterone to raise his T/E ratio to 11:1. Now I don't know how much testosterone that would take but it seems to me that it would have to be a great amount to raise his T/E ratio by somewhere between 300% and 1000%! Now comes the part I am questioning. TWO days later when Landis regained the yellow jersey after stage 19 he should have been tested again. Once again his ratio presumably was below 4:1. Is this humanly POSSIBLE? In 2 days can the human body eliminate all of that extra testosterone allegedly in his system? If the answer is no, then Landis is innocent and there is something else going on. If the answer is yes, then it is quite likely that he is guilty. It seems a rather simple way to solve the case, admittedly from a very simple person when it come to understanding scientific minutiae.

Anonymous said...

This is precisely what a number of people on the Landis side are saying: that it would be impossible (or at least extremely unlikely) for the know pattern of clean/dirty samples to have occurred. See the home page for a quote from one Dr. Conrad Earnest, there said to be an "expert in human performance".

Charles Lin M.D. said...

Regardless , athletes are always on the look out for testosterone raising supplements. If it's not testosterone it'll something else that enhances the "natural" strength and agility of the athelete be it growth hormones , if not that then estrogen suppressors and the list goes on. It just comes with the territory of the map.