Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday Roundup

CURRENT STATUS REVIEW has minor changes

USADA Review board decision is supposed to be announced today. If it isn't, look for some excuses. I'd guess 5 PM, Mountain Time.

Hmm, dead silence. Could there be something going on behind the scenes? I think I'll finally learn a lesson and stop making predictions.

CyclingPost says Floyd is staying with Perdiguero in Spain. It also says the appearance was unexpected, but it shouldn't have been.

Semi-related, ASO brandishes Roubaix ProTour status in spat with UCI. VeloNews says it's more than that, it's all the Grand Tour organizations demanding more R-E-S-P-E-C-T. This is just political background for Floyd's case.

Dugard reports Floyd coming home, thinks stuff is coming down.
Robert Lipsyte has mixed feelings about doping, starting with Floyd.
800 lb Gorilla turns away from cycling. Floyd? Who cares.

At Topix, much heat and no light about whether the estimate of absolute T/E values is in the ballpark. Frustrated LNDD may be giving up.

In a different thread, news is reparsed and we conclude that there were 16 AAFs at the tour, over 13 riders. We know pair of those was Floyd and Testosterone, but nothing about any of the others. While there were TUEs for Cortisone, we haven't been told there were AAFs for it.

Don't let Mr. Pound see this. It didn't work anyway.

[updated 19:23]