Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday Roundup

No news worthy of mention.

Lullaby Pit dismembers NYT article about Lance, er, Frankie. Yup, it's a hatchet job, noting that Armstrong is mentioned three times and Landis once before Andreu's name appears for the first time.

Cyclisme-blog-team tracks where some ex-Phonaks are landing. Fred leaves a comment crediting Cycling4all as the original source.

Evident Stupidity in this blog declares that Darwinists think Landis is innocent, and Intellegent Design believers know he is guilty. Guess which side the blog lands on?

At Topix, Mr. LNDD mostly answers my questions. He's hoping the Review Board has the Richards to Richard Richard.

At BBC Forums, discussion why Dick is being more careful with Landis than history would suggest is typical. Hint: politics.

[updated 20:14]


Anonymous said...

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