Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tuesday Roundup

Quote of the Day

The confirmation of a doping offence comes after 'A', 'B', and then the hearing. We have to suspend our judgement until all the facts have been identified and then been put before the independent hearing. (link)
We're still waiting for the USADA Review Board recommendation, which was expected yesterday. Let's play the speculation game while waiting. Some reasons why it might be taking longer than expected:
  • It's complicated, and they really haven't decided.
  • They've decided, but want an appeal-proof recommendation.
  • They've decided, and are planning PR for release, perhaps with WADA, UCI and/or Landis.
I'd say the first two are hopeful possibilities. If undecided, it means they are giving creedence to at least some of the defense arguments. Trying to appeal-proof the recommendation means its in favor of Floyd. For the last one, it depends on who USADA is collaborating with. If Landis is involved, then it could be good news. If it was bad news, they'd just announce it on him.

The Landis side is silent too.

In the meantime...
Floyd wins the USACycling NRC title, on the basis of the Tour of California and Tour of Georgia wins.

Howard Jacobs gets a puff-piece at USA Today. Beginning of a PR Blitz? He's an ex-triathlete who once prosecuted a doping case. A USADA guy suggested he move to defense as a specialty, and the rest is history. He doesn't seem to have too many wins against USADA, but he doesn't get his choice of clients. A dismissal for Floyd could be a career-defining case for him. In a sidebar, he advocates more discretion for arbiters, backing away from the strict liability standard. He cites the Zach Lund case as one where justice could have been better served.

EPO Test is not good, explains the BBC at some length. Moderation in acceptance of test infallibility is a good idea.

Analysis of defense and related WADA code Article 3.2 at That's Amateur.

Floyd, Axel Charity Event, SoCal in October, according to Merckx's site. They must still be friends. Axel has a "?" where his schedule lists "next race." Could be hoping for a slot on Floyd's team next year.

Blogger reposts Rant's version of The Hearing.
It adds up to something, in this prophetic blog.

At the Beeb, feelings are much more negative about Landis and Armstrong than they are in US based discussions.

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Cheryl from Maryland said...

I was wondering why bloggers in the UK and the EU were more likely to trust the authorities, and my morning paper came up with answers:

1) The Bishop of Bolton (Notlob for you M. Python fans) wants a more positive look to Halloween:


2) Teesside UK is allowing surveillance cameras to "yell" at you if the operators see you doing something they consider illegal:


Explains a lot for me!